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We all know we should let sleeping dogs lie … but where? Fido deserves to relax in style! If you think a dog bed is an optional accessory when it comes to pet care, you might want to think again. Dog beds offer your beloved family member five important benefits and can aid in their wellness:


Fido Bed


First, a dog bed gives your pet a sense of personal space and security. He or she can curl up in a comfortable spot that’s all their own. The luxurious small Fido Pet Bed would be a great choice for your little king or queen. A special piece, it features a nailhead trim and two toss pillows: one shaped like a bone and another in leopard print.


Extra Large Lounge Bed


Dog beds also help control the spread of fur and dander by keeping it to one spot. Look for a dog bed that has a removable cover or a cushion that can be tossed into the washing machine. Our Lounge Beds are available in several sizes and feature high-grade upholstery fabric filled with eco-friendly fiber, removable pillow inserts, and a 100% washable cover.


Comforpedic Bed


For older, arthritic or overweight pets, dog beds provide cushioning for joints and bones and a comfortable place to rest. The Comforpedic Napper includes a Simmons Beautyrest NXB Memory Foam pad, which is perfect for pets with special needs.


Medium Napper Bed


Dog beds also keep your pet from relaxing on your furniture. This not only prolongs the life of your furnishings, it can prevent injuries a dog might receive jumping up and down from a sofa or chair. The over-stuffed Napper Bed is a great choice, with outer bolsters that unzip for easy maintenance and a removable, washable center pad.


Round Bed


Finally, a dog bed offers warmth for your pet during the winter, insulating them from a cold floor. This helps keep them comfortable and in good health. The Round Pet Bed with paw print applique would make the perfect warming spot for your dog, and the removable cover allows for easy cleaning.


Which bed is the right choice for your pet’s needs?

Pets are important members of the family, and you want to do what you can to keep them safe. Did you know plants can post a danger? If you have a cat, be sure to get rid of tulip bulbs, sago palms, poinsettias, philodendrons, daffodils, lily of the valley and azaleas. ?These can be poisonous. And when it comes to your dog, go easy on the table scraps. Dangerous foods include chocolate, yeast, grapes, onions, raisins, Macadamia nuts and alcohol.

How to Buy Sheets

Author: Art Van

You spend a third of your life in bed. A good mattress lays the foundation for a good night’s sleep, and great sheets help you drift off in luxury. But with a variety of sizes, materials and thread counts, choosing the right linens can keep you up at night.


Don’t lose sleep over making the right choice. Here are three simple things to consider:

1. Thread count. A sheet’s thread count is determined by the number of threads contained in one square inch of the fabric. While a thread count of 200 is considered acceptable, good-quality sheets should have a thread count of at least 300, which will provide a more comfortable sleep. Often, the higher the thread count, the softer and more durable the sheets will be, but the quality of the material also matters. For example, a lower-thread-count sheet made of Egyptian cotton will feel softer than a high-thread-count sheet made from a lesser quality cotton. The bottom line: Consider the thread count, but be sure to feel the fabric.




2. Material. At Art Van Furniture, we carry sheets in three materials: cotton, bamboo/cotton blend and microfiber. Which is right for you depends on how you like to sleep.


If you like your sheets crisp, cool and soft, cotton is your best choice. Cotton is the most popular fabric for sheets for several reasons. First, it’s breathable. Cotton traps heat during cold months and lets cool air pass through in summer. Cotton is also durable, which means your sheets will wash up well. And cotton is naturally stain resistant. The only downside is that cotton is most likely to shrink and wrinkle.


Bamboo blends have become more popular in recent years. They are created with a mixture of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, and are incredibly soft. Bamboo is a sustainable material, which makes them environmentally friendly. Bamboo is naturally bacteria and allergy resistant. This fiber also wicks moisture, so it’s a good choice during the summer months. Bamboo sheets are among the more expensive options, however they are very durable. That means your investment should last for years.


The final choice is microfiber sheets, made of extremely fine fibers of polyester. They’re very soft and will resist pilling. However, microfiber is less breathable than cotton or bamboo. They would be a good choice during the winter when retaining heat would be welcome, but they might not be the best choice for summer nights or for those with sensitive skin.


3. Fit. Of course, sheets come in sizes to match your mattress, such as Twin, Full, Queen and King, but before you bring a set home, make sure you measure your mattress to know if your Twin is an Extra Long Twin or if your King is California King. You should also check the depth of your mattress to ensure a proper fit for your fitted sheet. Simply measure the depth of the mattress and then choose a pocket depth that offers at least two inches more. This ensures enough fabric for tucking under the corners, and allows room for shrinkage in the wash.

Adirondack Staycation

Staying home this summer can feel like a vacation when you enjoy your yard from an Adirondack chair. The slanted seat is perfect for lounging away the day, and the chairs will make you feel like you’re enjoying the shores of Mackinac Island. Close your eyes and you can almost smell the lake breeze.

If you’ve ever stayed at a bed and breakfast, you know their quaint, cozy style makes it easy to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Create this same feeling in your own master suite by bringing home some of their signature tricks. Here are five easy things you can do to make your bedroom feel like a relaxing room at the inn:

B&B Fireplace


1. Add a fireplace. An instant focal point, a fireplace will warm up the room in more ways than one. If your bedroom doesn’t boast this architectural feature, it’s easy to add a portable version that will add ambiance. If there’s space, place it opposite the bed and flank it with a pair of easy chairs. You’ll never want to leave.

B&B Lamp      B&B Floor Lamp


2. Layer the lighting. Bed and breakfasts create a cozy mood by using several kinds of lighting. Overhead lights get more depth when you install dimmers to adjust the brightness during different times of day. Lamps on nightstands promote bedtime reading. And floor lamps near seating areas give task lighting. Finally, use candles or lanterns for a subtle glow in just the right spot.

B&B Linens


3. Layers the textiles. Bedrooms in an inn often have layers of fabric and textiles throughout the room. Pair curtains with bamboo shades or shutters. Dress the bed with a tailored bed skirt, extra quilts and lots and lots of pillows. Make sure sheets are smooth and crisp. And add area rugs to keep feet warm on chilled mornings.


4. Indulge all of the senses. In addition to wonderful textures, think about the scents in the room. Fresh cut flowers add natural fragrance. Scented candles can change the mood with different aromas. Or use linen spray to freshen the sheets.

B&B Tray


5. Add a tray. Breakfast in bed is one of the best parts of staying at an inn, and a tray placed on a bench at the foot of the bed makes the treat easy to pull off. When breakfast is over, the tray can be used to hold a water glass and book for reading. Or stock it with items you need to review to catch up on work.

Firepit Staycation

Staying home this summer? Have a staycation in your back yard by winding down the evening with a fireside chat. A gas firepit makes campfires hassle-free with the push of a button. Make s’mores every night, and end the evening with some (friendly) ghost stories.


From premiers to parties to A-list status, celebrities live big lives filled with special treatment. But when it’s time to relax, most love to find an oasis in the seclusion of their own back yard. You can live like a star, too, by setting up an outdoor space that pampers you and your friends and family. Take a look at the backyard retreats of these four celebrities for inspiration, and then visit your nearest Art Van Furniture showroom because we’ve got the look:


Wayne Gretsky


When Wayne Gretzky played hockey, he earned the nickname “The Great One.” Turns out he has great taste, too. Take a look at his Spanish-Mediterranean style home, nestled in Scottsdale, Ariz. One of 13 homes in a secluded development, the property includes this covered poolside patio for outdoor entertaining.

Wayne Gretzky Club ChairWayne Gretzky Table


If you like Gretzky’s style, recreate the look by creating a cozy sitting area with four deep club chairs. Our Carson Chairs feature oversized seating for comfort. The synthetic wicker material is durable and stylish, and the neutral cushions are classic and contemporary. Add the oversized Reims Cocktail Table and you’ve created room for a party. Made of solid reclaimed teak, the weathered grey finish is modern and looks better with age.


Hilary Swank Backyard


Oscar award-winning actress Hilary Swank has created a swanky and relaxed outdoor gathering area in her Mediterranean-style California mansion. Two curved sofas upholstered in sunset orange cushions flank a roaring firepit, creating an intimate spot for nighttime fun.


Hillary Swank Sectional Hillary Swank Firepit



Create the look in your back yard with the Soho Collection Curved Sectional. The rust-free frame, Sunbrella fabric and polyethelene weave make the sectional easy to maintain. Add fire and you’ve created the neighborhood hot spot. Our Moonlight Collection Firepit is absolutely gorgeous and features a stained glass top that adds to its beauty.


Jodie Foster Backyard


Oscar award-winning actress Jodie Foster is known for loving her privacy, and her secluded California home provides just that, sitting on a quarter-acre lot on one of Hollywood Hills’ most famous streets, Flicker Way. With a brick patio, palm trees and gorgeous foliage, the Mediterranean-style back yard is a feast for the senses.


Jodie Foster Sectional Jodie Foster Lantern

You can easily bring this look to your patio by simply adding the Reims Sectional. Constructed of aluminum frame and 100% Spuncrylic solution dyed fabric, this durable seating arrangement is gorgeous and a great investment. The neutral colors can easily be dressed up with toss pillows to reflect your mood or design aesthetic. Accent the area with the Coastal Lanterns and you’ve created an intimate setting at night.


Johnny Depp Back Yard


When you’re an apartment or condo dweller, a back yard can be a rare treat. Johnny Depp’s New York apartment included this hidden gem. With climbing vines and an earthy vibe, this patio is a great spot to start the day with a cup of coffee or end the evening with a glass of wine.


Depp Chair 1Depp Chair 2 Johnny Depp Table



Create Depp’s hip, bistro-style look on your patio by choosing a set of sleek chairs that offer seating as well as style. We like two options: The Jamestown Chair features a curved textile sling back and maintenance-free aluminum frame, or the North Shore Chair, with a rust-proof aluminum frame and authentic-looking wood grain finish. Add two Bennington Side Tables as a cocktail table and you’re ready to chill.


Slip and Slide

If the kids are tired of running through the sprinkler, how about crafting your own slip and slide out of a plastic tarp and your backyard swing set? Lay the tarp at the bottom of the slide, and turn on the hose. Then get ready for slippery fun.

One of the hottest colors shown at High Point Market this season was blue, but instead of one shade being a favorite, its entire palette is on trend. From sky to navy to indigo and turquoise, home décor is singing the blues in a big way.


The wonderful thing about blue is that it works well with any color you currently have in your home. Pair it with yellow or red for the bold flavor of primary tones. Add orange and you’ve got a trendy energetic feel. Use blue in its cooler shades to create a calming sanctuary. Or go with darker hues, like navy, for a look that’s classic and traditional.


Take a look at these six beautiful shades of blue … we dare you to pick just one!

Robin Egg Table


Robin’s Egg. Spring is in the air when you add the Petite Jolie Side Table with its fresh blue painted finish. The robin’s egg shade adds a vibrant shot of color to a nook, chair side or foyer. And the distressed treatment makes the perfect addition to a rustic urban retreat.


Blue Pattern Chair


Sky Blue. The Carlisle Accent Chair is gorgeous with its soft hues of blue, grey and green. The quiet colors provide a serene feeling and the soft lines make this chair a great addition to a living room or master bedroom. Combining beauty and comfort, this chair is the perfect place to curl up with a book.


Navy Sofa


Navy. The Calypso Sofa puts the focus on style with its navy upholstery and pinstripe toss pillows. The colors are classic and the sofa’s rolled arms and curved lines add to the timeless appeal. Great for a family or rec room, the look is welcoming and laid-back.

Turquoise Rug


Turquoise. Wake up your room by rolling out the Turquoise Rug from the Regency Collection. The rich design has light brush strokes that provide interest and warmth to your home. This rug is perfect in a room full of neutral furnishings or as a great complement to more saturated shades, like coral or brick red.


Indigo Sectional


Indigo. With its dusty denim hue, the Dillon Sectional in indigo sets the tone for your family or rec room. Upholstered in a microsuede fabric, the comfort factor will make this a favorite piece in your home. Classic and timeless, the contrasting welting creates a casual vibe where relaxing is the top priority.

Sky Blue Chair


Aqua Blue. Finally, add a sophisticated touch to a living room with the sleek Elliott Chair upholstered in aqua-colored genuine leather. The streamlined design puts the emphasis on its icy cool color. Use it in any room to wake up light neutrals or provide a welcome contrast to richer shades.


Water Balloons

On a hot summer day, it can be a challenge to keep the kids cool. How about initiating a fun game of Cold Potato? This game involves a “potato” that’s really a water balloon. To make the game interesting, poke a small hole into the balloon, giving it a slow but steady leak. Spread out into a big circle and toss the balloon from one player to the next, so everyone gets wet. Anyone who drops the potato is out.


Hot tip: You might want to play this game outside!