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In February, the world’s top fashion designers unveiled their looks for Fall 2014 to an eager group of reporters, buyers and Hollywood notables. The celebrated week gives us all a glimpse of what the fashion forward will be wearing when the leaves start to change colors. On the runway, we saw lots of faux fur, tapestry textiles and bold colors. These shapes, colors and patterns often make their way to home decor.


Here are five new fashion-forward pieces for your home and the runway looks that inspired them.


fall fashion grey muff tyre fur ottoman
BCBG Max Azria

BCBG Max Azria sent fur collars, chunky knit sweaters and luxurious cape-like coats down the runway. The designer also featured retro accessory, such as fur hand muffs. The collection was said to have been inspired by the landscapes of the Louisiana bayou, and the colors of soft pink, mint and blue were prevalent throughout the collection. Our Thread & Feather Tyre Round Cocktail Ottoman provides the same soft rich feel. Upholstered in a white faux fur, it provides a warm spot for resting your feet as well as an unexpected touch of texture to your living room.


Carolina Herrera            spender orange chair
Carolina Herrera

Fall 2014 in the House of Carolina Herrera is vibrant as well as classic. Timeless designs were given a breath of fresh air with a punch of bold color. Carolina Herrera finds inspiration in a great variety of artistic disciplines, such as architecture, painting, cinema and design, and translates them into modern looks that exude effortless elegance. Our Spencer Collection Accent Chair provides a similar twist on a classic. Its graceful sleek lines are made fashion-forward with its papaya-colored genuine leather upholstery.


Tory Burch Fall 2014 fall fashion amanda chair
Tory Burch

Tory Burch found inspiration for her Fall 2014 Collection from the armor her parents collected. Burch says the references are subtle, “whether its in the mix of textures – woven, quilted, pleated – or in the tapestry brocades and florals. The focus is on clean, strong silhouettes with bold embellishments.” The Amanda Accent Chair has a similar intricate pattern with its gorgeous paisley. The ivory pattern provides a sharp contrast to the poppy red background, creating a chair that feels traditional as well as modern.


Marchesa         fall fashion chair

Sophisticated luxury was the feel from the Marchesa Fall 2014 Collection. Its gowns featured delicate lace, chiffon, embroidered flowers and pearls, lace appliqués, feathers and fur. Marchesa has become a favorite designer of Hollywood celebrities; their designs prove that femininity and elegance are timeless trends no matter the season or occasion. The texture of our Thread & Feather Abbey Chair mimics the luxurious feel of Marchesa, with its gold faux-crocodile patterned genuine leather. And luxury gets an exclamation point with a kidney-shaped toss pillow upholstered in solid gold fabric.


Rachel Zoe          grand tour fall fashion rug
Rachel Zoe

The Rachel Zoe Fall 2014 Collection was influenced by “simply Mod-era Venice and Greater London.” The clothing featured comfortable elegance, with rich textiles and checked and houndstooth patterns on chunky sweaters, jumpers and outerwear. Colors leaned toward the graphic shades of black, white and gray. Our Grand Tour Collection Rug has a similar Mod-era design. Its shades-of-grey patchwork pattern features shiny silver yarn that catches the light, creating a retro-yet-contemporary accent for your home.

colorful bedroom

Rejuvenate and invigorate your bedroom by using a daring splash of color. Orange, purple and yellow not only please the eyes, they can please the soul and create a bedroom retreat that feels fresh and new. Choose a versatile template of today’s hottest colors that will also give you flexibility to welcome the trends of tomorrow!

School is in session and that means it’s back to the books. But don’t leave those information-filled beauties sitting in a backpack or stashed inside a drawer. Books provide a wealth of opportunities for artistic expression and they even allow you to bare a little of your soul by sharing the subjects that interest you.


From a single edition to a stacks and stacks, here are five creative ways to decorate with books:


Source: Pinterest/Carley Meyers

Source: Pinterest/Carley Meyers

1. Sort them by color. If you have a beautiful bookcase or built-in shelving, transform your books into modern art by displaying them in an ombré, dark-to-light pattern. If you have a tall bookcase, you could also sort them by color family, creating a shelf of red, another of green, another of blue, etc. If your books aren’t as colorful as you’d like, cover them with craft or wrapping paper in rich solid colors or select a mix of graphic designs.


Source: Pinterest/Ashlee Hoppes

Source: Pinterest/Ashlee Hoppes

2. Stack them to make a display stand. Highlight a favorite accent piece by placing it atop a few books that are stacked on a cocktail or end table. Use books of varying sizes to create a pyramid-style stand, or choose books that relate to the item they’re holding. For example, place a globe atop books about travel or display a sculpture of a golfer on a stack of books about such greats as Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones and Tiger Woods.


Source: Pinterest/Francee Kaplan

Source: Pinterest/Francee Kaplan

3. Pile them on the floor to create end tables. If you have a lot of oversized books, stack them on the floor and use them as a bedside or end table. This works well if they’re of similar size, as they will provide a sturdy place to rest items. Top with a piece of beveled glass to protect the books, add a lamp, and you’ve created a very special reading spot.


Source: Pinterest/Janey Parker

Source: Pinterest/Janey Parker

4. Use the cover as a work of art. While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, sometimes it’s so beautiful, it should be displayed. Take a tip from bookstores and arrange some of your books facing forward. The effect is similar to hanging a print or painting, and can easily be changed out for the season or whenever the mood strikes you.


Source: Pinterest/Denisse McCaskill

Source: Pinterest/Denisse McCaskill

5. Create a tray on a chair or ottoman. If you use a plush ottoman in your family room, quickly transform it into a place to set your drink by resting a large book on top. You can also create a unique nightstand by choosing a few books to set on a beautiful chair. Select books that coordinate with the colors of the room or that are about a subject that is meaningful to you.

cool blue

If you’re looking to update your living room think about using cool tones of blue, which provide a sweet spot between classic taste and pure relaxation. Cool blue is playful and relaxed as well as classical and elegant. Go all in by putting the color on walls. Create a serene feeling by choosing cool blue upholstery on sofas and chairs. Or add a touch of its calming quality by using this shade on throw pillows and lamps.


You don’t need a time machine to venture into the past. Travel from the Roaring ‘20s to the Mod ‘60s with some thoughtful choices in home décor. Take a look at these five chairs that have designs that were inspired by iconic looks throughout the decades.


vintage chair marisol
1920s: The ‘20s gave birth to the Arts and Crafts style. A modern take on Americana, you would find furnishings like this in homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Back then our Marisol II Accent Chair would be considered a recliner. Its exposed wood frame has a rich merlot finish and provides a nice contrast to the earth-toned striped fabric of its deep-cushioned seat.


vintage chair green and chrome
1930s. The curved and modern shape of the Callie Chair was inspired by the Art Deco style of the 1930s. The stunning lime green genuine leather seat appears to be floating in its chrome base. Made by Thread & Feather, you can easily choose another upholstery at no extra charge.


vintage inspiration chair josephine
1940s. The elegant velvet slipper chair was a staple in chic homes during the 40s, which marked the beginning of Hollywood’s glamour years. Our Josephine Accent Chair from the HGTV Home Collection does the era proud, with its dramatic shape, button-tufted back and luxurious velvet upholstery.


vintage chair kingston
1950s. During the ‘50s, classic furnishings took on modern details much like our Kingston Leather Chair. From Thread & Feather, the lines of this seat combine traditional wingback design with modern details such as curved lines, ivory genuine leather upholstery and nail-head trim. The affect is dramatic.


vintage swivel chair
1960s. Finally, the ‘60s took the “mod” in Midcentury Modern even further. Lines were groovy and bold, such as with the Enrico Swivel Chair in black genuine leather. The chrome swivel base adds a contemporary element to the design of the piece, and this chair is ready to party.

Vogue magazine says the gold rush is on: “Gold took to the spotlight as it cascaded across the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 runways.” Look for this trend to make its way into home design soon as we see less brushed nickel finishes and more gold toned hardware, including brass and copper. A gold-framed mirror is a classic accent piece for any style home, and rethink your lighting choices with gold-based lamps and chandeliers.

When you think about Rustic Style, you probably imagine a cozy cabin near the lake where a stone fireplace keeps everyone warm and a laidback lifestyle puts an emphasis on the great outdoors. This picturesque thought certainly represents rustic living, but don’t hang the Gone Fishin’ sign just yet. While today’s Rustic Style still celebrates nature, a modern twist makes it relevant for today’s suburban and urban homes as well.


Here are five characteristics of the style that just might make you feel like you’re on a permanent vacation:


rustic bedroom wood
1. Wood – and Lots of It!?Rustic Style makes use of natural materials and the biggest influence is wood. From pine to oak, the emphasis is on natural woods with minimal varnishes and paint. Instead, allow all of the imperfections to shine for an unrefined look. In addition to wood furniture, you’ll see wood-beamed ceilings, wood-paneled walls and wide-planked wood floors. Reclaimed wood is an important also part of modern Rustic Style, as it represents a deep respect for preserving natural resources.


rustic jaden oversized

2. Oversized Furniture. Rustic Style is definitely comfortable style, and one way to convey the feeling is through overstuffed, large furnishings. From an upholstered chair and a half with a matching ottoman to a deep-cushioned sofa paired with a sturdy cocktail table, choose pieces with substance that will anchor the room. Furnishings need to stand up to the weight of the materials that make up this style home, such as wood and stone.  In this case, bigger is better.


rustic rock harbor chair
3. Earth Tones. When choosing a color palette, look no further than earth tones.  The idea behind Rustic Style is to mimic the beauty of the outdoors and bring that feeling inside. Browns, greens, reds and oranges will work well with wooden pieces and will help create a serene style that helps you relax.


rustic emerson chair
4. Natural Fabrics. Forget fussy fabrics and patterns in a Rustic Style home; instead choose natural upholstery materials such as cotton, wool, canvas, burlap and linen. Patterns should be simple, too, such as plaids or stripes with a Southwestern flair. Another good choice is leather, which will complement the rustic décor and provide a smooth texture to the room.


rustic dining room
5. Nature-Inspired Accents. When choosing accessories stick with items found in nature. Woven baskets, for example, are a great addition to family rooms. Fill them with blankets to create a cozy feeling. Wildflowers as well as curly willow and maple leaves make a gorgeous rustic centerpiece for your kitchen table. Or use a big wooden bowl to hold remote controls on your family room coffee table. Many of the accents will look like they were gathered on your hike. The idea is to welcome in the great outdoors.

On the runway for Fall 2014, Elle magazine reported that the ’60s are back “in a major way. Maybe a bunch of designers got together and decided to binge-watch the latest season of Mad Men because we are seeing a lot of mini skirts, knee-high boots, and accessories that remind us of yesteryear.” Home fashion follows runway fashion, so keep your eyes open for vintage shapes and patterns. Update your look with graphic throw pillows, a shag rug and Midcentury Modern-inspired furnishings.

One of the most important pieces of furniture in a living or family room is the sofa. The largest furnishing in the room, it provides you with a place to relax or gather with friends and family. The perfect sofa does more than that, though; the perfect sofa also serves as a reflection of your personal style.


To find the right one, you’ll need to consider your design preferences and lifestyle. We’ve made it easy with this fun quiz that will help you find the sofa that’s right for you:


1. When it comes to accessorizing a room, I …

A.)  Use three or five accents, as long as they’re child friendly

B.)  Prefer one statement piece

C.)  Think the more the merrier

D.)  Choose pieces that also serve a purpose


2. On a typical day, you’ll find me wearing …

A.)  Khakis, a comfy tee and flip flops

B.)  Slim black slacks and a leather jacket

C.)  A classic shift dress and smart flats

D.)  Jeans and boots


3. My ultimate ride is a …

A.)  Classic SUV, laid back and roomy

B.)  A two-seater coupe, fast and stylish

C.)  An elegant luxury sedan, sophisticated and safe

D.)  Pick-up truck, rugged and woodsy


4. My ideal Netflix queue would include a marathon of …

A.)   How I Met Your Mother

B.)   Mad Men

C.)   Downton Abby

D.)  Pioneer Woman


5. The magazine I carry on the plane is …

A.)   Martha Stewart Living

B.)   Architectural Digest

C.)   The Smithsonian

D.)  Country Living


6. My favorite dining room centerpiece is …

A.)  Brightly colored Gerbera daisies

B.)  The drama of an orchid

C.)  Red roses

D.)  Wild flowers and leaves gathered from my yard


7. If I’m choosing the restaurant, we’re going to a …

A.)  Family-friendly pizzeria

B.)  A trendy downtown sushi spot

C.)  An elegant steak house

D.)  A barbeque pit off the beaten path


8. My favorite contemporary music artist is …

A.)  Justin Timberlake

B.)  Gwen Stefani

C.)  Michael Buble

D.)  Miranda Lambert


9. When my friends come over, we like to …

A.)  Share a potluck dinner and play board games

B.)  Enjoy cocktails and hor d’oeuvres and discuss current events

C.)  Sit down to a formal multi-course dinner and swap stock tips

D.)  Have a backyard barbecue and play horseshoes


10. When I have an afternoon to myself, I like to …

A.)  Curl up on the sofa with a good book

B.)  Visit a local art gallery

C.)  Volunteer at a local nonprofit

D.)  Take a long hike in the woods


If most of your answers were “A” your style is most likely Casual. This style is inspired by an active, easy lifestyle. Your home is simple and warm, and your accessories are lighthearted and whimsical.


yardley sofa


The Yardley-II Sofa would be the perfect choice for your Casual home. Its neutral color serves as the backdrop for the punch of color provided by its striped throw pillows. The classic shapes and lines are timeless, and you can easily update this look by swapping out the pillows. For more Casual sofa options, click here.


If most of your answers were “B” your style is most likely Contemporary. This style is inspired by the hustle and bustle of a cosmopolitan city. Your home is sleek and sophisticated, and you appreciate straight lines and geometric shapes.


beckett sofa


For you, the simple shape of the Thread & Feather Beckett Sofa provides a striking spot for relaxing with friends. Its unique silver body fabric is accented with teal and coral toss pillows, and the squared back and arms provide a bit of drama. For more Contemporary sofa options, click here.


If most of your answers were “C” your style is most likely Traditional. This style is inspired by history. Your home is formal and elegant, and your furniture has feminine shapes and rich detail.


Riviera Sofa


The Thread & Feather’s Riviera Sofa will be a great addition to your Traditional home with its classic details such as rolled arms, nailhead trim and deep tufting. Sophisticated and elegant, the linen-like upholstery is accented by rich velvet and tailored houndstooth toss pillows. For more Traditional options, click here.


If most of your answers were “D” your style is most likely Rustic. This style is inspired by a laidback country lifestyle. Your home is practical and charming, and your furniture is relaxed and full of texture.


Rock Harbor Sofa


You’ll love the casual lines of the Rock Harbor III Sofa. The sculpted and rolled arms and a tight back are upholstered in a neutral shade of green, which will blend well with your Rustic décor. More earth tones are incorporated into the room with two toss pillows in gold, green and terra cotta. Or for more Rustic sofa options, click here.

Ready or not fall is here, bringing a crispness to the air and a kaleidoscope of colors to the surroundings. This season marks the return of indoor entertaining and signals a march into the magic of the holidays.


It’s time to dress your home for the occasion; update your décor with these five must haves for Autumn 2014.


fur blanket falllinen chair fall




As the outdoor temperatures drop, warm up the indoors with layers of texture. From faux fur to heavy linen, plush rugs and cowhide, mixing materials creates a feast for the senses and keeps things interesting in your room. You’ll be cozy and stylish with our plush Faux Fur Blanket in hues of browns and orange. The soft sheen would provide a great contrast to the button-down look of the Lillian Chair. With nail-head trim and button tufting, the linen-look fabric is a crisp complement to its sleek lines.


crank table fallheritage chairs fall


A Touch of Americana

Fall brings a return to traditional values and family gatherings, and the design experts from HGTV say Americana is an important trend for 2014. Bringing a bit of our country’s history into modern times, our small scale Crank Gathering Table has old-fashioned flair. Made of solid wood and cast iron, its hand-cranking mechanism allows you to adjust the height to your needs. Or replace your modern dining chairs with the Bent Paddle Heritage Chairs from Gascho. Made from solid oak, the curved arrow-back spindles and shapely bottom will provide the best seats in the house for leisurely family dinners and game night.


wood cuberustic bench


Rustic Accents

Bring the feeling of the great outdoors inside by incorporating rustic details in your room. We love the new Woody Branches Cube, which is made from reclaimed teak wood. Use one as a stool or end table, or position two or three together to create a striking cocktail table. You could also swap out your dining room chairs for the rustic charm of the Sierra Collection Ruskin Bench. With its contemporary shape handcrafted of salvaged wood, this is the perfect piece for cozy family gatherings as there’s always room for one more.


sunshine graphic chairgraphic rug fall



Graphic Patterns

With a nod to the ‘60s, Vogue magazine says graphic patterns are an important Fall 2014 home design trend. The geographical shapes are a throwback to that era’s Op Art mod designs. Our Sunshine Accent Chair features a fun and bold pattern that combines grey and bright yellow for a statement piece. Or choose the geometric design of the Liquorice Rug from the contemporary City Collection. The sharp pattern underfoot will create a sense of drama.


leda ottoman fallpeacock coverlet fall


Bright Tones

Outside the leaves are changing from green to yellow to red and purple; it’s time for your home to follow suit. From bright hues to jewel tones, rich, saturated colors are an important trend for Fall 2014. We love the punch of orange the stunning Leda Cocktail Ottoman will add to your room. Its tufted top is inviting and provides additional seating; top it with a tray and you have a handsome cocktail table. You can also update your master suite with the rich peacock blue of the Bennett Place Coverlet Set. A wake-up call for a boring bedroom, the coverlet will provide an additional layer of warmth to your bedding or use it alone. The set includes coverlet and two standard shams.