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A finished basement is a great place to hang out, especially on a hot summer day. It’s where the kids congregate to watch TV and play games, and it’s where you’ll love to unwind, away from it all.


Since the basement is tucked away downstairs, homeowners can be more casual with its design. Choosing the flooring, however, shouldn’t be taken lightly as this space presents unique dilemmas: a basement often gets a lot of foot traffic and it has the potential to attract moisture or water.


When it comes to basement flooring, you have three main options:





This is your warmest option and a great choice if you want to enjoy your basement during the winter. The carpet and pad act as an insulator for the cold concrete foundation, and you can walk around in bare feet without too much discomfort.


When choosing carpet for a basement, look for options that hold up to traffic. Short piles or Berber are popular choices. Carpet also provides a level of safety if someone falls in your basement, and it absorbs sound so a rowdy game of pool won’t disrupt the quiet of your upper level.


Look for a carpet that can be easily cleaned as the basement might gather more spills. Water is also a threat; if your basement has flooded in the past, carpet might not be your best choice. If carpet does get wet, it needs to be dried immediately to prevent mold.





Laminate flooring is another option for the basement. While it can be more expensive than carpet, it holds up well to traffic as well as spills, and requires little maintenance. Laminate flooring is installed over a pad, allowing for expansion and contraction of the material as temperatures fluctuate.


While its pad does provide a level of warmth, laminate flooring is not as comfortable as carpet. You can remedy this problem, however, by adding area rugs where needed.


If your basement floods, laminate flooring can become damaged and will need to be replaced. It is a better choice than hardwood flooring, however, which can easily become damaged and warp from the humidity. And it comes in wood grain patterns if you desire that design aesthetic.





Finally, ceramic and vinyl tiles offer a worry-free choice for your basement floor. If water gets in, you just mop it up. Tile is also more forgiving on unlevel floors since individual pieces accommodate uneven surfaces. If a section becomes damaged, tiles can also be replaced in smaller areas without having to pull up the entire floor.


Tile is the coldest option, however. Since it is applied directly to your concrete foundation, your feet will have no protection from the cold winter temperatures. As with laminate, you can solve this problem by using area rugs.

Our accessories buyer Donald Dilliplane keeps Art Van customers on trend by visiting High Point Market to experience the latest in home design. Today he’s sharing another strong look for summer and fall:


Gold Accessories


“This market was truly golden,” says Donald. “Anything and everything was gold leafed, and not just traditional items but things from nature and contemporary forms.”

If you’re a fan of fashion, New York Fashion Week is an exciting time. It’s when designers unveil their Spring or Fall Collections, and the world gets a chance to see what we’ll be wearing next season.


Home fashion often follows the trends of the clothing industry. From colors to patterns to shapes and lines, you can find furnishings that were inspired by the looks that traveled down the catwalk. Take a look at these five pieces that are runway ready:


NY Gingham Black Check Ottoman


Diane Von Furstenberg has managed to stay timeless and relevant throughout her long fashion career. For Spring 2015, she sent a black gingham wrap dress down the runway, and it was one of her most well received looks. Our Delilah Cocktail Ottoman will draw similar oohs and ahhs from your guests. In bold yet classic black and white houndstooth, the square upholstered piece is an up-to-date classic that will be enjoyed for seasons to come.


Gold Texture Dress Texture Chair

Ralph Lauren’s Spring 2015 collection was out of Africa. The safari-inspired clothing mixed shades of brown with rich textures. The Fontaine Accent Chair from the Cindy Crawford Collection offers a similar feast for the senses. Its sleek wooden frame supports a two-fabric application that looks rich and stunning.


kate spade Bold Pattern Chair


Kate Spade used bold patterns for her Spring 2015 collection. With a crisp white background, the floral designs make an impact and are the perfect pieces for the confident woman. Our Talbot Accent Chair makes a similar statement. In white and grey, the look is striking and modern.


NYC Pattern Dress Pattern Ottoman


This deep navy dress by Altuzarra has a unique mottled print that commands attention. Our Beverly Estates Square Cocktail Ottoman has the same effect. Its dramatic animal pattern in an unexpected palette will make it a focal point in any room.


NYC Yellow Dress     Yellow Sunshine Chair


Another DVF hit was this eye-catching yellow maxi sundress. Fluid and summery, it was a burst of sunshine on the runway. Our Sunshine Accent Chair will provide a similar shot of color in your home. Its clean lines let the bold shade and interesting print take center stage.



Donald Dilliplane, accessories buyer for Art Van Furniture, recently returned from High Point Market where he got a firsthand glimpse of the home design trends for summer and fall. You’ll see some of these items popping up in our showrooms later this summer, but here’s a sneak peek of the colors:


Blue RoomPink Room


“Blue was the color trend of the market,” says Donald. “Indigo, aqua and teal will be leading colors for this spring, summer and fall.  You will see blue on wood paint finishes, accessories, rugs and upholstery.

“Pink was another show stopping trend. I saw beautiful room settings with pink fabrics accent and wall décor.”

FullSizeRender-7           acrylic lamp


Our furniture and accessory buyer Donald Dilliplane is back from High Point Market in North Carolina and he’s sharing trends that are on the horizon for spring, summer and fall. Here’s another look you’ll see in our showroom:


“Acrylic and crystal is on the rise,” says Donald. “It was all over High Point Market, and was used as an accent with everything from Rustic to Modern.”


Tucking in your child and wishing them sweet dreams should be a cherished time of day for parents, but sometimes kids like to boomerang out of bed prolonging – and frustrating – the process. Instead of a nightly struggle, set the stage for sleep by using your child’s five senses.


Child Bedroom 1



The most important thing in your child’s room is the mattress. Make sure your little angel has the right one by visiting PureSleep and talking to our experts. According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), 90% of people say a comfortable mattress and pillows are important to the sleep experience.


Select soft linens and pajamas. Three-quarters of us claim that comfortable sheets and bedding are important to a good night’s rest. Since kids tend to kick off their covers at night, dress yours in pajamas made of breathable fabrics that keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


People who make their bed in the morning were 19% more likely to get a good night’s sleep every night, according to the NSF. It’s not clear why this is, but perhaps there is a connection between feeling good about where you sleep and your tendency to sleep through the night. Teach your child to make their bed when they get up in the morning.



A clean room is a calm room. Make sure your child’s is free from clutter. According to NSF, 62% of people say a clean bedroom helps improve their sleep experience.


Dim the lights during your child’s bedtime routine to prepare them for sleep. During the summer when it stays light later, take advantage of room darkening shades and curtains that can help block light from outdoors.


Limit screen time, which can activate your child’s brain. Also keep technology, such as televisions, computers and video games, out of your child’s room. Instead, arrange comfy pillows in a clutter-free, calming space.


Child Bedroom 2



An early bedtime is important for kids – between 7 and 8 p.m. works best for most, according to the NSF. Help your child wind down by creating a quiet atmosphere in your home a half hour before bedtime.


Playing soft music before bedtime will further set the stage for a calm transition into sleep. And consider taking advantage of white noise, which can block sounds from family members who are still awake. A fan or white noise machine will do the trick.



Think about what you offer your child to eat or drink before bed. Foods containing tryptophan – the amino acid that is a building block of the sleep-related chemical serotonin – could encourage drowsiness. Turkey is a well-known source, but so are eggs, chicken, fish, and nuts.


Another good bedtime snack is a light carbohydrate, such as whole wheat crackers with a small amount of peanut butter, or cereal with milk. But avoid fatty, fried or spicy foods before bedtime that will upset the stomach and can interfere with sleep.



Certain scents have a helpful effect on sleep. Lavender has been shown to decrease heart rate and blood pressure, potentially putting you in a more relaxed state. Give your child a bath with a few drops of lavender scented oil. Scented laundry detergent can also be helpful.



Donald Dilliplane, Art Van Furniture’s furniture and accessory buyer, is back from High Point Market in North Carolina where he got a sneak peek at the trends that are on the horizon for spring, summer and fall. He’s sharing his top must-haves for the season:


“This past High Point Market was stupendous,” says Donald. “The buyers found great looking products, colors and trends. Mid-Century Modern was very noticeable. It’s simplistic and just plain cool. The throwback style of the ‘50s is updated with fresh colors and proportions to fit today’s lifestyles.”


Actor Ashton Kutcher loves surprises and he recently gave his mom, Diane, a great one for Mother’s Day. As a gift, he remodeled the basement of her Homestead, Iowa home – the place where he grew up during high school – enlisting the help of designer Catherine Renae Thomas Design Co. Ashton transformed the dark, poorly lit space that had been filled with exercise equipment and old recliners into a bright and airy gathering space that is perfect for entertaining, hanging out around the TV and playing games.


Ashton Kutcher Mom Basement

Photo credit: Houzz


Taking advantage of the generous amount of space, Ashton created a seating arrangement that could accommodate a crowd. Two identical sitting areas mirror each other, with a TV and fireplace in the middle. The neutral color palette and mix of casual and rustic furnishings look fresh and inviting.


If you like Ashton’s style, we’ve got the look:


Ashton Sectional


Start with sectional sofas that include a chaise that helps keep the open feel. Our Marisol III Sectional is a great choice, and its durable microfiber upholstery will cleans up well. The light grey color keeps with the neutral theme, adding just enough color to give the room depth. If you have space for two, add the mirrored sectional with the chaise on the opposite side.


Ashton Cocktail Table


The rustic cocktail table adds interest to the basement, and complements Diane’s love for antiques. Our Denise Oval Cocktail Table is a great choice. Made of Chinese Oak veneers, it offers a durable tabletop and a bonus bottom shelf for storage or display.


Ashton End TableAshton Lamp


While Ashton chose glass-top end tables, we like the look of the Capri Collection Chairside Table – a more practical option for homes with children. The travertine top has tiny veins of caramel and gray, which coordinate well with the sectional. And the base is a rich gunmetal iron, which matches the base of the cocktail table. Top it with the Dunbar Table Lamp, which has a dimpled base in neutral tones. The result is an interesting mix of textures.


Ashton Ottoman


A pair of ottomans provides more seating space and give the room a casual feel, inviting guests to hang out. We think our white faux fur Pisa Pouf Ottomans add an extra sense of fun. From the Thread & Feather collection, they can be upholstered in your choice of fabrics if you prefer a more tailored look.


Ashton Rug


Keeping everything light underfoot in Ashton’s design is an off-white rug with a subtle pattern. Our Louvre Camel Rug from the Carolina Fleece Collection is the perfect choice. Made of 100% polypropelene, it stands up to a lot of traffic, and its 35mm pile height greets bare feet in comfort.

Whether it’s movie night, the Sunday game or marathon Netflix streaming of the latest drama, televisions bring families and friends together for entertainment. With cable and satellite boxes, DVD players, surround sound and gaming systems, it’s easy to have a sea of wires cluttering up your room. Why not contain your electronics inside a beautiful media center that will keep everything organized and clean?


Start your search at home by measuring your wall and floor space so you know what size media center will offer the best view and accommodations for your television. Then decide which of these four options is best for you:


Media Center Wall Unit


Entertainment Centers

Entertainment centers, sometimes called wall units, include a console on the bottom, towers on either side of the TV, and a bridge that connects everything across the top. Offering the most storage, entertainment centers have the ability to hold your electronics, games, DVDs and CDs, as well as decorative accessories. The largest type of media center, wall units can be as tall as 72 inches, with the width varying per unit. If you have a small room, this isn’t the best choice for you, as their size will dominate the space. Entertainment centers are available in a variety of styles to match any décor.


Media Center Console 1 Media Center Console 2



Consoles, also called TV stands, are a simple, versatile option for your media components as they work well in most size rooms. This piece of furniture resembles a chest or sideboard, and often includes drawers, shelves or cabinets for electronics as well as DVDs, CDs and games. Because they don’t have sides that would constrict the width, TV stands can hold most sizes of TVs. Options are available in a wide variety of heights, depths and widths, so you can easily find the one that’s right for your home. While consoles hold the TV on its top surface, you can also choose to mount your flat screen to the wall, freeing up space for decorative accessories. Corner consoles are also available if your room layout determines you need to place the TV in a corner.


 Media Center Fireplace


Media Fireplaces

Since the television and fireplace can compete as the focal point in a room, media fireplaces combine both attention grabbers into one unit. Similar to a console, this piece includes an electric fireplace below that adds warmth and a flat surface on top for the TV. Media fireplaces are a great option for a family room, bedroom or basement rec room because of the ambiance they add.


Media Center Console Combo


Console Combinations

If you want to hide your flat screen TV when you’re not watching it, a dresser/console combination will let you mount the television to a panel in the back and cover it with a sliding mirror whenever you wish. This option is perfect for a bedroom where you strive for a serene mood … but sometimes you just want to watch Scandal!

Urban bedroom


Create an Urban-style master retreat. Use furnishings in raw elements like aged metals and weathered woods. Soften the look with subtle neutrals and vintage objects that provide a sense of balance and creativity.