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Crenshaw melons


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Yellow squash


One of the quickest ways to make a design statement in your room is to introduce a pattern. Whether it’s with wallpaper, upholstery or accent items, patterns set the tone and define your style. When choosing a pattern, there are a few things to consider:

Pattern AreaArea. Think about the size of the furnishing or wall that the pattern will cover, and match the scale. A large sectional or sofa could handle a large-scale pattern better than a settee or chair seat. Or use a bold pattern in a throw pillow, so it doesn’t overwhelm a room.

Pattern Energy

Energy. Certain patterns can introduce a sense of movement to a room. For example, herringbone or chevron floor adds energy, while squares or geometric shapes bring a sense of order. Consider the energy a pattern will bring to your room and ensure that it matches the feeling your want to evoke.

Pattern Layers

Layers. When you choose a pattern, especially in a large area, consider if it will “play” well with others or if it’s a statement pattern that works better with solids. Stripes and checks work well with many other patterns, while florals are best combined with non-florals or florals in a different scale. Choose a main pattern that will be your inspiration – it’s often the largest in scale – and select other patterns based on it.

Pattern Balance

Balance. Too much pattern can be overwhelming or distracting. If you want to use something bold, balance the room by using solids. Or spread the pattern throughout your space, such as using toss pillows or accessories, to give a sense of visual “breathing room.”

Pattern Room

Room. Some rooms dictate the kind of pattern that looks best. A dining room can handle a bold pattern because it’s most often used in the evening when an element of drama is welcome. A busy pattern looks great in a kitchen where most of the space is covered with cabinets. Patterns in the bedroom set a mood; decide if you prefer something restful or filled with energy.

Not sure how much wallpaper to purchase? Here’s a guide from the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension:

  1. Measure the width of each wall and add each wall measurement together to find the total width around the room.

[wall] + [wall] + [wall] + [wall] = total wall width

For example, 16+16+20+20=72ft.

  1. Pick one wall in your space, and measure from floor to ceiling. If wall heights vary in your space, provide the average wall height by adding the measurement of two walls together and dividing by two. Multiply the total length of walls by the total height.

72 ft. x 9 ft. = 648 total sq. ft. of room

  1. Measure the height and width of each window. Multiply the height and width to find the square footage. Add the square footage of all of the windows.

For example, 3 ft. x 4 ft. =12 sq. ft.

[window 1] + [window 2] + [window 3] = total sq. ft. of windows [12]+ [12] + [12] = 36 total sq. ft. of windows

  1. Measure the height and width of each door. Multiply the height and width to find the square footage. Add the square footage of all of the doors.

 For example, 3 ft. x 6.75 ft. =20.25 sq. ft. 

[door 1] + [door 2] + [door 3] = sq. ft. of doors [20.25] + [20.25] + [20.25] = 60.75 sq. ft. of doors

  1. Because you don’t wallpaper over the windows and doors, subtract those areas (determined in steps 3 and 4) from the room total (determined in step 2). The final number is close to the actual amount of wall area you will cover with wallpaper.

[total room sq. ft.] – [total window sq. ft.] – [total door sq. ft.] = total sq. ft. requiring wallpaper

For example, 648 – 36 – 60.75 = 551.25 total sq. ft. requiring wallpaper

  1. Divide the total sq. ft. by 25 (551.25 /25 = 22.05) to determine how many single rolls of wallpaper you will need. The number 25 allows for a large repeat pattern to ensure you will have plenty of wallpaper for your projects.

(551.25 square feet / 25) = 22.05 single rolls needed


Ellen Degeneres

Ellen DeGeneres may be an award-winning talk show host and comedian, but she’s also an avid home designer. Over the past 25 years, she’s renovated nearly a dozen homes, and she recently created a show for HGTV called Ellen’s Design Challenge. Her new book Home was published last fall and shares photos from seven residences, past and present. One of the spaces in the book is from a home known as the “Birdhouse.” The cozy home is located in the Hollywood Hills, and features an Urban-style library with walnut shelving, beamed ceiling, and contemporary fireplace.

If you like Ellen’s style, we’ve got the look …

DeGeneres White Chair Ellen’s library is rich in texture, including the sheepskin chair by Flemming Lassen, a Danish architect who designed furniture in the 1930s and early ‘40s. Lassen’s chairs start at $15,000, but you can get a similar feel by choosing something with the look of texture. Our Milano II Accent Chair offers a loose seat and back cushions for ultra comfort. The animal print upholstery in neutral tones gives the piece depth and interest.

DeGeneres Brown ChairAnother striking piece in Ellen’s room is the leather Egg Chair by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. While an authentic Egg will set you back about $7,000, our Matera Chair by ROMA offers a similar look at an affordable price. The contemporary design is covered in 100% genuine leather and features a swivel chrome base.

Ellen SofaEllen’s linen sofa was custom made, and our Fandango-II Sofa offers similar casual contemporary lines. Its medium-tone grey fabric is a rich neutral, and the back and toss pillows Ellen Cocktail TableEllen adds another texture to the room with a stone-top cocktail table. Our Seville Rectangular Cocktail Table brings a similar feel, and features a Spanish Travertine marble top. The steel frame has a golden bronze finish, and a beveled tempered glass shelf provides a bit of extra storage. Accessorize it like Ellen by stacking books to provide a sense of height and depth to accent pieces.

           Ellen Stool 1 Ellen Stool 2

Ellen’s library is a mix of rustic and contemporary pieces, and a scattering of stools definitely leans rustic. We have two options for you: Our Reynolds Wood Stool has a metal base and tobacco brown wooden seat, and the Magno Stool is made from natural reclaimed teak wood, and can be used for seating or as an end table. Choose your favorite or add both. Ellen LampEllen’s room includes a floor lamp with a handle that allows you to easily direct the light. Our functional Myles Brass Floor Lamp also provides task lighting, with an ability to maneuver the bulb where you need it most. The classic finish complements the base of the cocktail table, and simple design brings an architectural feel to your study or reading nook.

 Ellen RugAnchoring Ellen’s room is an oversized woven rug in shades of grey. Our all-natural Edge Collection Grey Rug would be the perfect addition to your room. The earthy rug was hand woven in India from alternating strips of leather and jute, bringing a unique tactile feel. The gorgeous neutral shades effortlessly bring together the colors in the room.

What do you think of Ellen’s style? Let us know in the comments below.


Wallpaper is back in style — and in a big way. “We can’t get enough of its room-transforming, style-defining powers,” says HGTV. While choosing a paint color can be intimidating, picking a wallpaper pattern is even more daunting. You can easily repaint if you don’t love the look, and pattern can have a bigger impact on a room than a single shade.

So how do you go from wallpaper wallflower to confident designer? Here are four things to consider:

wallpaper1 - Copy
Source: Pinterest


Your choice of pattern can have a big impact on your room. If you have a narrow room, for example, using horizontal patterns can make it look wider. If you have low ceilings, vertical stripes or designs make them look higher. If you have a small space, stay away from large patterns or dark colors that can overwhelm. And if your room is oversized, use a large pattern to make the room feel smaller and more intimate.


Source: Pinterest


Wallpaper is an easy way to define your style. Contemporary homes should opt for bold prints and colors, or patterns with high gloss or metallic elements. A traditional home looks great in a damask, toile, floral or striped pattern. And casual homes look good in wallpaper that has an organic feel, such as grass cloth.


Source: Pinterest


Grass cloth or flocked wallpaper not only gives a room pattern; it offers dimension and interest. The texture creates shadows and subtle color nuances, providing more depth than a flat wall color. Textured wallpaper is a great solution if your have an older home, as it can hide imperfections. Some textured wallpapers are paintable, allowing you to customize or change the look.


Source: Pinterest


Finally, decide how many walls you want to paper. If you want to cover all four walls for a continuous look, choose simple design that doesn’t overwhelm the space. Paper a single wall to create a statement. Identify the most important surface, such as behind your sofa or bed, and go bold with a graphic design or a gloss or metallic finish. In a traditional space, wallpaper the upper or lower half of the wall, using a chair rail or beadboard for a classic look. Or create instant interest by papering just the ceiling. You can mimic the look of a tin ceiling or pick a metallic shade for light and drama.

Picking a pattern is the most important choice in wallpaper, but you also want to make sure you know what kind of paper you’ll be hanging. Here are four types:

Standard. This is often the most inexpensive type of wallpaper, and it’s fairly easy to hang. It can rip, though, so be careful when you’re positioning it on the wall.

Vinyl-coated. This kind of wallpaper is practical if you have a young family as its washable. It’s also a great choice for kitchens. It’s also the easiest type of wallpaper to hang as it’s easily removed. Because it has a shiny finish, though, it can show imperfections in the wall.

Woven wall coverings. This type of wallpaper includes choices such as hemp or grasscloth. It’s rich with texture and makes a great choice for older walls that have lots of imperfections. It can be difficult to hang, though, and it’s often more expensive than standard or vinyl-coated wallpaper.

Flocked. This type of paper has raised patterns that feel like velvet. It’s good for covering minor imperfections and give a room a rich feel. Flocked paper is often expensive and it can be difficult to hang, so you may need to hire a professional.

It’s easy to bring a cohesive feeling to your room when you work within a color palette, but choosing shades that mix and mesh effortlessly can be intimidating. No worries! The design experts at Art Van Furniture have identified color trends that will help you define your style and pick the hues that speak to you.

Today we’re sharing Prelude. If you love colors that look like they’ve been harvested from nature like warm rosy clay and weathered pine, you’ll love this color story. The feel is casual and a bit rustic, with materials that bring together contrasting textures and soothing patterns.

Take a look at these four rooms that are Prelude:

Arlington Prelude

This dining room is classic and sophisticated with its neutral palette and natural materials. Anchoring the room is the Arlington House Dining Collection, which features an Urban-style, metal-based trestle table with wooden top and bench. Upholstered Parsons chairs soften the look and add another natural shade to the room.


Take Prelude outdoors with the San Miguel Collection. The antique copper finish on the frames of the furnishings provides a nice contrast to the sunset yellow colored cushions. This thoughtful collection will beautifully complement your garden with its dignified elegance.

Yardley Prelude

Gold and cinnamon accents in the Yardley-III Collection give the brown upholstery a sense of warmth. The room is rich in pattern, with paisley and plaid, creating an atmosphere that’s refined and inviting.

Haywood Prelude

Give your bedroom the natural treatment with colors from the great outdoors. The Haywood Bedroom Collection features a dark brown weathered finish, which is the perfect complement to leaf green bedding and accessories.

Outdoor rugs are made to withstand the weather, but a build-up of dirt and pollen can make them look dull and dingy. Keep yours looking fresh and clean with a few easy maintenance steps:

  1. Use your hose to rinse your rug at least once a month. Be sure to clean both sides as dirt can get trapped inside and beneath.
  2. Let your rug completely dry in the sun before returning the furnishings.
  3. If your rug needs something stronger than water, consult the manufacturer recommendations for suitable detergents.
  4. Be sure to clean your rug at the start and end of the season.
  5. When storing your rug, roll instead of folding it.


Last summer, Jay-Z and Beyoncé rented a home in Bridgehampton that included a bowling alley, movie theater and spa. Their one-month stay was a cool $400,000. This year, the couple is reportedly looking to buy their own place, and one of the properties they’re considering is a luxury estate in East Hampton listed for about $25 million.

The 6,500-square-foot home has four bedrooms and two acres of property, including an apple orchard, stone pathway, heated pools, and tennis court. Inside highlights include dark wood floors, vaulted ceilings, and fully furnished rooms that are included in the sale.

If you like the look of this high-style getaway family room, we’ve got the look …

Beyonce Sofa

The Hamptons property family room is filled with gorgeous white seating. A mix of our Empire Sofa and Loveseats would be a great option. Upholstered in a super soft neutral fabric, they get a bit of bling from the nailhead trim. The furnishings feature toss pillows in grey and taupe, for a subtle sense of color. Beyonce Cocktail Table

Beyonce End Table

While the seating is contemporary and white, the tables in the room have a rustic feel. Our Kenwood Square Cocktail Table is made from reclaimed hardwood and features hand-forged steel legs in an oil-rubbed bronze finish. On casters, it can easily move around if you’re hosting a party and want more floor space. The matching end tables complete the look, and give the room a sense of symmetry.

Beyonce Lamp

The lamp that adorns the end table brings another element of texture to the room. Our Free Port Table Lamp would be a great addition. The linen-backed vine base is very unique, and serves as a nice bridge to the contemporary and urban furnishings.

Beyonce Rug

Finish the room with a neutral rug. The inspiration room has a light rug with a geometric pattern, and our Equestrian Rug would be a great choice. The light, tone-on-tone design gently complements the furnishings and softens the floor.

What do you think of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s summer getaway spot? Let us know in the comments below.

One of the best ways to turn your patio or deck into an inviting and cozy outdoor room is to add a rug. Whether it’s used inside or out, a rug brings color, texture and a sense of cohesion to a group of furnishings. When used outdoors, it also helps to protect the deck wood or patio pavers.

If you haven’t shopped for an outdoor rug recently, prepare to be pleasantly surprised by new designs and materials. In fact, today’s options are as colorful and stylish as the rugs you use inside. So how do you choose the right one? Outdoor Rug Size

Size and Shape

Outdoor rugs come in a variety of dimensions. To find the right size, consider the area you want to cover to determine the right size. Measure your patio, deck or porch and pay attention to any architectural details, like pillars or stairs. If you are adding a rug to a dining group, make sure it’s large enough to accommodate the chairs. The rule of thumb is that a rug should be at least two feet wider than all sides of the table. When using a rug with a seating group, make sure it’s large enough to allow at least the front legs of the furniture pieces to be placed on the rug.

Choose the shape by looking at how your furniture is grouped. A round patio table, for example, looks best over a round rug, while seating groups are best defined by a square or rectangular rug that mimics the layout.

Outdoor Rug NaturalMaterial

Outdoor rugs need to hold up to a variety of weather conditions, and natural and synthetic materials are available that withstand the elements. Natural fibers, such as sisal, jute and seagrass, provide a bit of texture. They can mildew when exposed to too much moisture, so they do require extra care. Natural might be a good choice if your outdoor area is covered or if you are willing to bring the rug inside during the off-season or periodically hang it to dry. Synthetic fibers, such as polypropylene or acrylic, come in a wider range of colors than natural rugs and are extremely durable. They have the added benefit of drying quickly and are often less expensive.

Outdoor Rug PatternColor and Pattern

Outdoor rugs come in practically every color under the sun, and patterns are available that will enhance your style. When choosing a color, look to the surrounding area for inspiration. Choose a palette from your landscape, or pick shades that evoke the feeling you want to create. For example, bright yellow or orange will create a vibrant setting, while natural colors are more subdued and allow your furnishings to take center stage.

Create a unified feeling by choosing patterns that are similar to your indoor décor. For example, if your indoor style is traditional, you might go with floral patterns. Contemporary homes will look great with geometric or abstract patterns.

When you’re ready to add a rug to your patio or deck, check out all of the options available from Art Van Furniture by clicking here.