How to Choose An Accent Color

Color is powerful. It can impact how you feel, simply by being surrounded by it. It makes spaces feel larger or smaller. And it creates a mood, especially when combined with other colors. That’s probably why choosing colors for your home can feel like such a daunting task. The wonderful thing about accent colors is that they can provide a quick update based on your mood and current taste. They also can be changed out on a whim.

Choosing an accent color should be fun. Here are five tips to get you started:

1. Think About The Colors You Love

Look at a favorite piece of clothing, a beloved work of art, or a cherished memento. Do you notice any colors that you’re drawn to in subtle ways? Pull color inspiration from those things around you.

2. Choose Complementary Colors

Base your accent color choice off of the main colors in your room. Complementary colors are those that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel, such as red and green, or blue and orange. These colors naturally work well together, and you can consider them in any of their shades.

3. Choose Analogous Colors

You can also choose an accent by choosing a color that’s next to your main room color on the color wheel, such as red and orange or green and blue. Combining these colors creates a sense of harmony and can enhance a mood.

4. Take Inspiration from the Season

Accent colors can help bridge your home to the current season. In spring, look to the colors of flowers or the greenery that’s blooming all around you. Summer is the time to celebrate the warm sun or vacation memories; go all in with aqua blue or warm yellow. Fall is rich with the changing colors of the earth, such as deep reds and muddy browns. And use winter’s icy tons or holiday spirit to inspire accent colors in your décor.

5. Choose a Subtle Variation

Finally, you can choose a subtle variation of a color that’s already in your room as an accent. This is a good option if you want to emulate the sophistication of a monochromatic space. For example, choose a darker shade of gray or taupe. The subtle color change enhances your room.

Look Alike Modern Leather Chairs

A sleek leather chair can make any living room feel chic and modern. These two chairs are great example of why. Upholstered in gray leather with a metal base finished in gold, they’re not only gorgeous and on trend; they’re comfortable and inviting.

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Magnolia Makeover: Inspiration from the Club House

When Chip and Joanna designed a home for Matt and Leigh Ellen Club, they wanted to give them a space to enjoy time with family as well as summers at Lake Waco. In her design blog, Joanna shares that her favorite room was the sunroom, a space that was added during the renovation. While it was small and the design is subtle, “I can picture them drinking their morning coffee or reading a book by the fire in this cozy, quiet room off the kitchen,” she writes. She brought a sense of old-world character and shares these tips for bringing the look and feel to your home:

Set an Intention for the Space

If you’re planning on adding onto your home, Joanna recommends identifying a purpose for the room so that the design will serve your needs appropriately. “What I love most about this space is that it’s intended to be enjoyed in the slow, intentional time found in the early mornings or on weekends. This home already had a formal dining room and living room, so this sunroom is more about family than entertaining,” Joanna writes. She achieves this goal by designing the space with comfortable chairs and a quaint breakfast table with bench seating.

Maintain the Character

The fireplace is the focal point for the room, and Joanna made sure the rest of the room’s design was consistent and didn’t distract. The german-schmear finish and antique mantel kept with the raw texture of the space, so the room felt like a natural extension of the home and not a recent addition.

Use Elements With A Story

The terracotta flooring in this room was salvaged from a chateau in France. “It doesn’t get more storied than that,” writes Joanna. If you’re striving for an authentic feel, look for reclaimed pieces that achieve that goal. Even subtle details, like trim, wall color and hardware make a difference.

Be Mindful of Light

When you add onto your home, you often take away windows and that can darken your existing spaces. To make sure not to steal natural light from other rooms, Joanna was mindful about choices. She installed a double-sided china cabinet between the sunroom and kitchen that let the light to flow through. “Design additions like sidelights, double sided bookcases, French doors and windows would also accomplish this same goal,” she writes.

Pinterest’s Five Top Home Trends for 2018

Pinterest is a popular place to go for design inspiration. From options for kitchen countertops to ways to dress your bed, you’ve probably gone to the site searching for ideas. The people at Pinterest keep track of popular search words, and release their list of trends based on what people want to see. Here are five of the top home searches that might be on your list of things to do:

Wall Art

Pins for “wall art” were up 637%, which means that bare walls are out. From canvases to metal sculptures, wall art gives you a chance to put your personality on display.

Mixed Metallics

Pins for “mixed metals” were up 423%. We’re combining stainless steel, brass, bronze and rose gold – and looking for inspiration.


Source: Pinterest / Terrazzco

Terrazzo Flooring

Pins for “terrazzo” were up 316%, which means the popular speckled flooring of the 1970s is back in fashion.

Source: Pinterest / Apartment Therapy

Statement Ceilings

Look up. Statement ceilings are a trend for 2018, with a 310% increase in pins. Use paint or wallpaper, or create patterns with wood or other textured materials.

Source: Pinterest / HGTV

Spa-Inspired Bathroom

Getting pampered is easy when you design your bathroom to feel like a spa, complete with candles, fluffy white towels and rattan baskets. Pins for “spa bathrooms” were up 269%.

President’s Day: First Lady Style

It may be President’s Day, but our First Ladies deserve some attention, too. In addition to working on issues that affect our country, they’re great role models for their strong sense of personal style. From our current administration to the past few leaders in office, we’ve seen a bold change in politics as well as design taste.


Here are the accent chairs we feel are fitting of some of our most recent First Ladies:

Melania Trump

First Lady Melania Trump is known for her striking sense of fashion. Chic and modern, she adds her own twist to a variety of looks to make them her own. Since the Trumps’ New York penthouse is adorned in gold, we felt our Gramercy Wing Chair would complement her style. A traditional wingback chair gets a modern twist with gold velvet upholstery finished in croc pattern. Adorned with hand-applied gold nail head trim, the chair also features stylish Lucite legs that give it an air of extravagance, which is signature Trump.

Michelle Obama

As First Lady, Michelle Obama led the effort to get kids moving. She wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty in the garden or try something different. Her bright and bold personality would be a great fit for our Ethan Chair. Its glamorous green velvet upholstery highlights the curved silhouette, while the gold legs let you know it’s meant for someone unique.

Laura Bush

When Laura Bush was First Lady, she brought a sense of Southern elegance to the White House, looking as confident at important dinners as she did relaxing outdoors. Her Texas home is rich with traditional style as well as rustic touches. Our Palmer Wing Chair would suit her well, with its warm check plaid in gray and marigold, as well as its modified wing style that provides a relaxed twist to classic form.