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Wouldn’t it be wonderful to hire a celebrity designer? Of course! While it may not be in your budget to fly them in and utilize their services, it is possible to emulate their style and implement their best advice on your own.

Here are some favorite tips from well-known designers that you can use in your own home:

Thom Filicia Tip

1. Mix Timeless and Timely

Timeless is a fresh look at traditional design and timely is a more livable version of what we know as modern design, says Thom Filicia. “Pair a classic rug with more contemporary furniture,” he told Pop Sugar. “When Timeless and Timely pieces are used together you’ll create an interesting, eclectic room that’s entirely your own.”

2. Fake Height With Low Furniture

Low ceilings? “Create strong verticals and avoid the horizontal,” Todd Romano told House Beautiful. “I adore large mirrors because they add scale to a room. I also kept the furniture low-slung, so the rooms seem taller.”

3. Create a Sample Board

HGTV’s Candice Olson pulls together a sample board after meeting with her clients for the first time. If you’ve ever seen her show Divine Design, you know it includes fabric scraps, paint chips, finish samples, flooring bits, and photos of furnishings. “Make your own when you’re dreaming up a room makeover,” she tells HGTV. “It’ll help you match up fabrics and wallpapers before they get installed. Plus, it helps you stick to your vision once you’ve started.”

Nate Berkus Tip

4. Stop Looking For Permission

The only opinion that counts is your own, says Nate Berkus. He shares an example of his friend who has a vintage apartment with high ceilings, old metal doorknobs, pale grey paint and glossy white moldings. Then she added a shocking pink ottoman. “Her space always makes me think of a very elegant banker wearing a chalk-striped suit with funny socks,” he tells O magazine, “why not tie a piece of twine around an antique glass decanter, or perch a branch atop a bookshelf, just because you happen to like the way these things make you feel?”

5. Set the Tone With Window Dressings

“They’re a quick and easy way to make a room look more inviting and cozy,” Hilary Farr tells Parade. “For a modern look, hang curtains from the ceiling with a very simple pleat at the top so they will hang straight.”

6. Put Investment Pieces Front And Center

If you love something, put it on display. “Use and enjoy your antiques and unique finds, especially in a utilitarian room like the bathroom,” Bunny Williams told House Beautiful.

Joanna Gaines Tip

7. Pay Attention to the Details

Small details bring your room together and create a unique finished product, says Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper. “Add detail to your decor with hints of color, fun fabric prints, decorative vases and wall hangings,” she tells HGTV.

If you love Joanna’s style, be sure to check out her Magnolia Home Collection, available at Art Van Furniture!

Little things can have a big impact on your quality of life, and that holds true for your bedroom. Small touches combine to create a soothing sleep environment. Here are five accessories that will bring a sense of peace to the place you rest your head.

Peaceful Bedroom Lamp1. An Elegant Lamp. Bedside lamps not only provide lighting; they help define the décor of your room. Choose something with soft lines, like this curved, handcrafted Art Glass Table Lamp. The soft blue finish has hints of taupe, and the crystal base is special. Topped with a clean white linen shade and crystal finial, it will set an elegant tone.

Peaceful Bedroom Art

2. Abstract Art Work. Artwork helps set the atmosphere in your bedroom, and this high gloss print of Waves at the Sea II will bring a peaceful, tranquil feeling. The abstract design suggests a watery scene, with blue and cream colors that are serene and classic.

Peaceful Bedroom Ottoman

3. A Soft Ottoman. Add a feeling of relaxation by bringing a soft ottoman into your bedroom. The Soho Pouf features a beautiful floral pattern in muted colors. Easily portable, you can use it to rest your feet or even sit and take off your shoes.

Peaceful Bedroom Throw

4. Faux Fur Throw. Soft textures help you unwind in luxury, and our Acoma Faux Fur Throw will do the trick. Designed in various tones of grey and brown fur, it reverses to a fabric on the other side. Toss it on the foot of your bed and be prepared to take the chill out of the night air.

Peaceful Bedroom Rug

5. Shag Rug. A plush rug underfoot gently welcomes your feet in the morning, and our Escape Rug would be a great choice. Wonderfully tactile, its thick texture adds warmth and sensuality to the room. The twisted fibers bring a sense of movement and texture that’s durable and delightful.

How much do you know about your bed and sleep environment? You might be surprised at a few facts. Take this short quiz to see if you’re sleep smart:

1. How often should you replace your mattress?

a.) Every three years

b.) Every five to seven years

c.) Every 10 years

d.) Every time you get a new bedroom set

Answer: Replace your mattress every five to ten years. Sleeping on older mattresses causes unnecessary back pain.

2. How often should you replace your pillow?

a.) Every 12 months

b.) Every three years

c.) Every five to 10 years

d.) The age of the pillow isn’t important

Answer: Replace your pillow every 12 months? Hair and body oils soak into a pillow’s fabric and stuffing, making it a breeding ground for bacteria.


3. True or false: Your mattress can double its weight without a proper protector.

Answer: True! Dirt, oil, skin cells and dust mites get trapped inside, weighing it down as well as causing allergic reactions.


4. True or false: Sleep is more crucial to survival than food.

Answer: True! A human can survive two months without food, but only 11 days without sleep!


5. How long should it take you to fall asleep?

a.) As soon as your head hits the pillow

b.) 10 to 15 minutes

c.) 30 minutes

d.) 45 minutes

If it takes you less than five minutes to fall asleep, you’re probably sleep-deprived. Ideally, falling asleep should take 10-15 minutes.

How did you do on this sleep quiz? Let us know in the comments below. And if you need to update any of the items in your room, head over to Art Van PureSleep for the latest technology and sleep solutions.

 Kid Rock Bedroom

You might expect Kid Rock’s house to be edgy and raw, but his Malibu residence was anything but. The sophisticated Balinese-style abode had a tropical feel, with lots of dark wood, crown mouldings and expansive views of plush acreage. We were especially surprised by Kid’s master bedroom, which mixes traditional-style furnishings with a touch of Southwest flair, for a room that’s elegant and special. Kid put his house on the market last year for a cool $11 million, but if you like his style, we’ve got the look for a lot less …

Kid Rock Bed

The centerpiece of Kid Rock’s bedroom is the striking canopy bed, adorned with flowing fabric and extra pillows. It makes a big statement in this room, adding drama and intrigue. Our Carriage Canopy bed is a great match. From the Magnolia Collection by Joanna Gaines, this striking piece is made of pine and features a black chimney finish.

Kid Rock Chair

On either side of Kid’s fireplace are simple armless chairs that are upholstered in cream and feature a dark wood frame with carved legs. Our Cora Linen Tufted Chairs would be a great addition to your room. The olled back and tufted upholstery are comfortable and chic, and the curved legs have casters to make these chairs portable

Kid Rock Chest

Against one wall Kid has a small chest to offer storage as well as a place to display accessories. Our Rufio Accent Chest would be a great addition to your room. The ring pull hardware provides an ornate touch, and the reclaimed finish feels rustic.

Kid Rock Rug 

Finally, Kid uses a large rug under the bed that features a Southwest motif in vibrant red and yellow. Our Tangier Rug would be a nice touch, if you like Kid’s style. In shades of red, green and cream, the colors and style are a nice complement to the traditional furniture in the room.

What do you think of Kid’s style? Let us know in the comments below.

PureSleep’s custom-fit process transforms your energy, happiness and health by identifying the perfect mattress, pillow and protector for you – and it takes just five minutes! Ever wonder what the test actually does?

The Mattress

The foundation for a great night’s sleep is your mattress. Its job is to support proper alignment to help eliminate morning aches and pains; provide pressure relief to foster deeper, healthier sleep; and create a neutral position for your body so you wake up refreshed and ready for the day.

Choosing the right one is a science as well as an art. In just a few minutes, the PureSleep system performs over 1,000 calculations to identify the perfect mattress for your body type, body density and preferred sleep position. Using this information, PureSleep Specialists will help you select the mattress that is right for your body and your budget.

The Pillow

A pillow may seem like a small part of your sleep system, but it actually plays a big role in giving you the best sleep possible. The right pillow provides 30% of your sleep benefits by maintaining correct spinal alignment, relieving pressure on your back and spine and promoting good circulation.

PureSleep Specialists will determine the perfect pillow for you by matching it to your body type and mattress. If you’ve never been fitted for a pillow, you’ll be amazed at the results; you’ll toss and turn less, and experience a deeper, more restorative sleep.

Have you taken the test?


Sleep is one of the cornerstones to good health, but not everyone is getting the right kind. From stress on your body to the right sleep environment, outside factors can be the difference between tossing and turning and restful slumber. Sleep science is always evolving, and PureSleep has the latest, cutting edge products that will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Take a look at these three new options that can help you get a great night’s sleep.


Adrenaline Bed in a Box

You may have heard of a bed in a box, but this one is different. The Adrenaline Bed in a Box is like a shot of adrenaline gives you an immediate energy boost, enhancing your body’s ability to perform at its highest level. Composed of plant based support foam and layered with pressure relieving comfort foams, the mattress giving you 12 inches of comfort and support. The secret ingredient is Copper Surge Gel Foam. This foam is the next big thing in performance foams. This state of the art material is infused with the healing properties of the natural element copper, and is combined with supportive and pressure absorbing gel.

In addition, it’s treated with the most advance temperature regulating technology available. Copper Surge Gel helps to heal fatigued muscles and give you the deep restorative sleep you need to function at a peak performance level. Wake up fresh, cool, and ready to Surge into your day!

Sleep to Live

Sleep to Live 600 Series Mattress

Sleep to Live is hand-assembled sleep system designed to provide scientifically recommended posture support through a precise combination of wrapped innerspring coils and luxury foams. Advanced smart materials wick heat away from your body so you sleep cooler resulting in better restorative sleep.

The patented cushion cloud construction promotes comfortable sleep, relieving pressure with each layer. Sleep partners never have to compromise, as each side is personalized to fit your exact support needs.

Stearns and Foster

Stearns & Foster Lakelet Hybrid Mattress

The Stearns & Foster Lakelet Hybrid Mattress features an eco-friendly knit fabric, used in athletic wear for moisture wicking and breathability. The high performance design of this mattress results in increased durability and less pilling.  The exclusive IntelliCoil Advanced coil design delivers variable support, with an outer coil for durable comfort and an inner coil that precisely adapts to the shape and weight of any body for the perfect level of support.

Storage is a big asset when it comes to designing a bedroom. From clothing and linens to books and shoes, you can never have too many places to put your belongings. Storage beds are a hot new trend that makes the most of your square footage. They’re also great for storage out-of-season clothing, spare bedding and special treasures, like your high school yearbook.

Available in a variety of styles, here are four storage beds to check out. Which one would look great in your bedroom?

Abbott Storage Bed

The Abbott Cherry Queen Storage Bed has classic mission style, with straight lines and decorative hardware. It features six storage drawers in the base, which would be perfect for any storage need. It’s available in cherry, black or white.

Avila Storage Bed

The Avila Queen Sleigh Storage Bed has a lighter feel with carved feet that take it off the floor. The sleigh bed style is casual but elegant, and the cherry finish is timeless. Two drawers in the base provide a nice amount of additional storage.

Oak Park Storage Bed

The Oak Park Storage Bed brings a rustic urban feel to your room. The mission oak finish has a beautiful grain that adds warmth and energy. One side features three deep storage drawers while the other side has six smaller drawers. And the drawers are interchangeable and can be used on either side of bed, for ultimate versatility.

Abbott Youth Storage Bed

Storage beds are a great option for kids. The drawers can eliminate the need for storage items, such as toy boxes, bins and bookshelves. The Abbott Collection is available in a twin size with a white or cherry finish. Its casual styling will easily grow with your child from toddler to teen.

Avalon Storage Bed

Storage beds can also look contemporary, and the Avalon Upholstered Storage Bed is a great example. The black leather arched sleigh headboard is sleek and sophisticated, and the two drawers built into the foot have stylish hardware.

Which storage bed is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Getting rid of the clutter from your bedroom will help you create a restful place to sleep. If you’re not sure where to start, here are three places that could use some tidying.

1. Make your bed. An unmade bed looks messy, but remedying the situation is easy. Get in the habit of making your bed each morning. A made bed sets a clutter-free tone for your room.

2. Tidy your nightstand. After you get dressed each morning, bring your water glass to the kitchen. Put away reading material, throw away tissues or trash, and straighten decorative items.

3. Put away clothing. Having clothing strewn about makes a room feel cluttered. Don’t set something down to take care of it later; chances are that space will become a collection area for clothes. Instead, get in the habit of hanging up or putting away clothing before it starts to pile up.

Look Alike Acrylic Chair

Acrylic furniture is a hot trend right now. From cocktail tables to dining chairs, the material opens spaces and keeps them looking spacious and airy. Ghost chairs are especially in style right now, and these two are identical. Both have elegant oval backs and contemporary lines, and both would be an easy way to update your dining area.

One is the Louis Ghost Chair from Design Within Reach, which retails for $405 per chair. The other is the Casper Dining Chair from Art Van Furniture, which sells for $99 per chair. Pick the Art Van version and you can buy four for the same price as one.

It’s clear which is the better buy – but can you tell which is which? Art Van offers savings of 75% and delivers the same look. Click here to grab the better deal. We’ve got the look (for a lot less!)

Clutter isn’t just a tidiness issue; it could affect the quality of your sleep. Clutter overloads your senses, causing stress and anxiety. Clutter also makes it harder to keep a clean environment, creating a germ haven that aggravates allergies and asthma.

Turn your bedroom into a calm, soothing sanctuary by banishing clutter. Here are three easy tasks to do each week:

1. Go through your room with a bag, and get rid of any garbage. Recycle old magazines, and take out the trash.

2. Remove anything that belongs in another room. Sometimes a bedroom becomes a collection spot for papers, dishes or kids’ toys. Return them to where they belong.

3. Make sure everything has a home. There are plenty of storage options available, so corral like items and put things where they belong. When everything has a place, you’ll eliminate clutter before it happens.