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Photo by Dean Kaufman for InStyle

Photo by Dean Kaufman for InStyle


Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld’s house in the Hamptons is a welcoming getaway with a laid-back style perfect for enjoying their favorite pastimes: cooking and entertaining. When hosting friends, Jerry and Jessica told InStyle magazine that they prefer to skip the dining room: “[The sunroom] is party central,” Jessica said. “We clear off the tables and put out plates of antipasti. Guests just sit on the floor and eat dip and cheese and crackers.”


With its oversized sofas, stone fireplace, and gorgeous views, we can understand why this room is a favorite hangout. If you like the Seinfelds’ style, we’ve got the look.


Seinfeld Sofa Seinfeld Chair


An oversized white sofa and two matching chairs create that casual beach feel – a place to plop down and get comfortable. The tight cushions are no-fuss, and the upholstery of the pillows is reminiscent of the beach. Pair our Evan Sofa with Calypso Accent Chairs and you’ll achieve a similar look.



Seinfeld End TableSeinfeld Coffee TableSeinfeld Sofa Table



An assortment of tables provides surfaces for resting food and beverages. Take a tip from the Seinfelds and set out platters, letting friends snack while they relax and connect. The Chesapeake Bay Cocktail table has ample room with a shelf below for your stashing magazines and books when needed. Our Cristina Round End Table adds another spot as well as a place for favorite accent items. And the Chesapeake Bay Sofa Table offers another area to display items.


Seinfeld Ottoman Seinfeld Pouf Ottoman


The Seinfeld’s room also includes an ottoman and a pair of child-sized chairs. Our Accent Ottoman, with its a vibrant zig-zag pattern, is a fun choice and adds pattern to the room. It can be used with a tray to provide another tabletop. While you could use kids’ chairs, we think our round navy Pouf Ottomans are a great alternative. They can be pulled out and used as a foot rest when you’re relaxing, or create additional seating for a crowd.


Seinfeld TableSeinfeld Sideboard


The Seinfelds make good use of their oversized room by creating a separate area for dining or board games. The round table promotes conversation and additional chairs can be added if needed. Our Virgo Dining Collection has similar feel, with upholstered chairs that are available in charcoal or brown. Add the Saber Server and you have a place for storing serving pieces or games. This is also a great place to set up food or a bar during a party.


Finally, fill the room with trinkets from the beach or your travels, and you’ll create a welcoming spot where you’ll love to connect with friends – and even share some laughs, Seinfield-style.

Spring is the time to dust out the remnants of winter and welcome in the freshness of the season. Instead of feeling overwhelmed with the task, break it down room by room. Here are five tasks that will make your living spaces shiny and clean:


  1. Move furniture, and vacuum behind and under everything.
  2. Shampoo carpets, and shake out or clean rugs.
  3. Wipe down ceiling fixtures, lamp shades, blinds, baseboards, moldings and doorframes.
  4. Use your vacuum’s upholstery attachment to clean your furniture.
  5. Clear out the clutter in the room, putting trash in one pile and items to donate or recycle in another. Then return items that go someplace else.


One of the hottest home design trends for Spring 2015 is using items curated from nature as accents in your home decor. From beautiful pieces of coral and shells collected at the beach to oversized bowls roughly carved from wood, these items bring the outdoors in and give your room a rich, worldly look.


Use items you find in your backyard and treasures you bring home from your travels. You’ll also find interesting and unique pieces at Art Van Furniture as well as Scott Shuptrine Interiors. Take a look at these five one-of-a-kind items, available in Scott’s Attic, and see if something catches your eye and your imagination:


Faux Horns


Imagine this pair of faux horn mahogany trophies sitting on an end table in your living room. Inspired by Medieval drinking horns, they have fluted bases and brass accents and look like a piece of living history. Perfect in a rustic or traditional home, they also add a raw element to an urban-style dwelling.


Walnut Tray


The grain of this solid-walnut serving tray makes the piece a living work of art, highlighting the natural colors of the wood. Fantastic on a dining room table or kitchen counter, it would also make breakfast in bed extra special.


Cobra Accessories


Covered in cobra skin, this large vase would be stunning on its own. Fill it with decorative tall grass, and it will look like you’ve just got back from a safari. Also covered in cobra is a matching pair of bowls. These would add interesting texture to a cocktail table.


Abalone Shell Accessories


Shagreen and inlaid abalone shells cover this set of boxes, creating an interesting geometric pattern. They’re the perfect solution for holding jewelry and a wallet on your dresser. The matching bowl would look beautiful on a dining or end table. Fill it with decorative ornaments or even the remote.


Python Accessories


Python skin makes an interesting covering for this tray and candlestick. The texture looks stunning in this rich shade of green. The tray would be great on an oversized ottoman, and the candlestick would dress up a sideboard or vanity.

It can be natural to give public rooms the most attention when decorating your home; they’re the spaces you show to visitors and share your personal style. But the private rooms are just as important; a bedroom that is a welcoming retreat at the end of the day will help you recharge your battery and get ready for the next day. At Art Van Furniture, our buyers found a bedroom collection that will help you do just that, and we’re excited to share it with you. Introducing the Fuse Collection.


The Fuse Collection throws away the rules and gets you thinking outside the box with 60 fabrics that are made to mix and match. To provide some inspiration, our stylists have put together six beautiful color stories, and we’re revealing them one at a time to get your creative juices flowing. (Check out Springtime Blues, Indigo Nights and Autumn Brook.)


Today we’re excited to show you Jazzy Chic, a collection that makes the most of this season’s hottest neutral: grey. Its patterns and contrasting colors will make a statement about your life and how you want to feel. Jazzy Chic will jazz up your surroundings, giving you a room that sings.


jazzy chic fabrics


To see how this collection can make an impact, take a look at this simple but plain “before” room:


 Autumn Brook Before


And now see how it transforms with Jazzy Chic:


Jazzy Chic


The rich feeling in this room springs from the Sachi Upholstered Headboard. Its wing-back style headboard and platform footboard and side rails look elegant and traditional, and the chrome nail-head trim add a contemporary flair. Pair it with the Upholstered Nightstand, which features one of Jazzy Chic’s unique fabrics. The glass top makes it practical and protects the fabric from spills and stains. Made in the USA, the nightstand can be custom ordered in any of the collection’s fabrics. The Armless Accent Chair, also made in the USA, introduces another pattern into the room, and provides seating. We love the floral print, and it’s available in 48 other assorted fabrics. The foot of the bed gets another shade of blue with the Skirted Bench. Made in the USA, its upholstery is highlighted by chrome nail-head trim. Finally, the Three Drawer Mirror Chest adds a source of light and glamour to this understated room. The mirror finish reflects the chrome details that are on the headboard and bench.


Like Jazzy Chic? We do, too! Stay tuned for next week when we’ll introduce another great Fuse collection: Elements of Java.


The Easter basket the bunny leaves your kids may be filled with love, but it’s probably also filled with sugar and fat. In fact, the average basket has 2,000 calories! Make your Easter treats a little healthier by swapping out sugar for some protein. Consider this makeover:



  • 3 (1.2 oz. each) chocolate crème eggs: 450 calories and 15 grams fat
  • 1 (2.8 oz.) dark chocolate Easter bunny: 190 calories and 13 grams fat
  • 2 (1 oz. each) milk chocolate bunnies: 300 calories and 16 grams of fat
  • 3 (1.2 oz. each) peanut butter-filled chocolate eggs: 540 calories and 33 grams fat
  • 10 mini chocolate eggs: 160 calories and 7 grams fat
  • 5 marshmallow peeps: 160 calories and 0 grams fat

Total: 1800 calories and 84 grams fat



  • 2 marshmallow peeps: 65 calories and 0 grams fat
  • 5 mini chocolate eggs: 80 calories and 3 grams fat
  • 1 small plastic egg filled with 3 Tbs. raisins: 85 calories and 0 grams fat
  • 1 small plastic egg filled with 2 Tbs. peanuts: 105 calories and 10 grams fat
  • 1 small plastic egg filled with 8 animal crackers: 60 calories and 1 gram fat
  • 10 jelly beans: 40 calories and 0 grams fat
  • 2 decorated hard-boiled eggs: 140 calories and 10 grams fat
  • Additional plastic eggs filled with stickers and small toys

Total: 575 calories and 24 grams fat



Spring is here and it’s time to start thinking about your outdoor spaces. The first thing your guests see is your front door, but since you probably come through the mudroom, it’s easy to overlook this area. Freshen up your entryway by adding some personality at your doorstep.


Here are five steps for making a good first impression:


1. Clean your walls, windows and steps. Chances are dirt and cobwebs have built up over the winter, and it’s time to make the area shine. Pressure-wash everything, from ceiling to stoop. If you used a storm door, swap it out for a screen, but don’t neglect the other glass surfaces at your entryway. Wipe down windows on and around your door to make everything sparkle.



2. Put a fresh coat of paint on your door. Chips and scratches will make your door look dingy. Freshen it up with a new coat paint. You could even test out a bright color. The front door gives your home a wow-factor, and the shade you choose sends a signal to visitors. According to Houzz, red means welcome; blue suggests a feeling of abundance and prosperity; yellow evokes curiosity, humor and merriment; and green represents balance, renewal and harmony.

Tip: Keep a small can of your front door paint on hand to quickly cover dings and knicks when they happen.



3. Display your address. Make sure guests can find your house by having your house number on display. This is another chance to show some personality. Numbers come in a wide variety of fonts and sizes.



4. Roll out the welcome mat. If your doormat has been out all winter, replace it or give it a thorough cleaning. If you’re in the market for a new one, choose a traditional “Welcome” design, or consider a wooden mat or one that features your monogram.




5. Add a touch of nature. Planters filled with flowers or ferns bring your landscape onto your front porch, giving visitors a sample of your green thumb. Or choose a colorful wreath that will breathe personality into your entryway. Swap one out for each season, or find a wreath that is your signature style.


Now you’re ready to greet visitors. A fresh and welcoming front door sets the stage for the perfect spring soirée.


One of the trends in fashion is color blocking – the art of mixing solid blocks of color to create bold impact. Color blocking is also effective in home design, and can be done by mixing different colors in furnishings or accessories. Take a look at these three examples for inspiration:


color block rug


This graphic rug uses one of the season’s hottest color combinations – grey and yellow – to make a bold statement. It would look stunning in a room with furnishings of a similar hue.


color block curtains


These contemporary drapery panels use color blocking to create a striking effect at a simple window. Its colors can be picked up in furnishings and accents throughout the room.


color block bar stool


Who said chairs and barstools have to match? Mix it up by choosing one of each color, or use color in pairs for a symmetrical look.



A bedroom should be a welcoming retreat – a place that makes you feel centered and that reflects your personality – and choosing the right furnishings is important. At Art Van Furniture, our buyers found a bedroom collection that will help you do just that, and we’re excited to share it with you. Introducing the Fuse Collection.


The Fuse Collection throws away the rules and gets you thinking outside the box with 60 fabrics that are made to mix and match. To provide some inspiration, our stylists have put together six beautiful color stories, and we’re revealing them one at a time to get your creative juices flowing. (Check out Springtime Blues here and Indigo Nights here.)


Today we’re excited to show you Autumn Brook. This combination of colors reflects the changing colors of leaves, from green to orange to tones of brown. The fabrics also introduce patterns that are distinct but not too bold. If you appreciate warmth and beauty, Autumn Brook is for you.


Autumn Brook Fabric


To see how this collection can make an impact, take a look at this simple but plain “before” room:


Autumn Brook Before


And now see how it transforms with Autumn Brook:


 Autumn Brook After


Setting the tone is the Sachi Upholstered Headboard. Its winged style and platform footboard and side rails are elegant in a traditional sense, and the chrome nails add a bit of sparkle. Pair it with the Upholstered Nightstand, which features one of Autumn Brook’s unique fabrics adorned with chrome nail trim and a glass top. Made in the USA, it can be custom ordered in several fabrics. The Armless Accent Chair, also made in the USA, offers a place to sit and read or set out your clothing for the next day. It has rich cappuccino-finish legs, and is available in 48 assorted fabrics. A pair of Small Pouf Ottomans introduces another pattern to the room, which complements the upholstery of the accent chair. They also offer seating as well as dramatic flair to the foot of the bed. Finally, the Three Drawer Mirror Chest adds storage and glamour to the room. The reflective quality picks up the chrome details that are on the headboard and nightstand.

Family game night is always fun, but it’s even more special when you make some fun treats to complement the activity you have planned.  Take a look at these three creative snacks and let the good times roll.


Source: Pinterest / Kendall’s Mom

Source: Pinterest / Kendall’s Mom


Yahtzee or Bunco would be even tastier when you bring out a platter of cupcakes decorated with sugar-cube dice. Use food markers to create the dots.



Source: Pinterest / Ashley Stone

Source: Pinterest / Ashley Stone


Domino brownies are super easy to make with just a tube of white frosting. Display them like a game board for a delicious centerpiece.


Source: Pinterest / Stacy Boo

Source: Pinterest / Stacy Boo



You can also serve sandwiches in a checkerboard pattern by alternating white and wheat bread. PBJ or ham and cheese, what you put in it is dealer’s choice.

Kids rooms are made for gatherings. Whether they’re being shared by siblings or a group of friends who want to hang out, most could benefit from finding ways to maximize square footage. Why not take advantage of vertical space by using a bunk bed?


A practical piece of furniture, today’s bunk beds are stylish, and feature materials and designs that look like their single bed counterparts. They’re also versatile and can be used stacked or separated when multiple sleeping spaces are no longer needed.


bunk bed


Standard bunk beds come with two twin-sized mattresses. Some even include a trundle option on the bed below that makes sleepovers a breeze – simply pull out the third mattress like a drawer and you’ve got room for one more. When it’s not needed, it’s easily tucked away.


bunk bed2


Another option is a bunk bed that features a twin mattress above and a full mattress on the lower bunk. This provides room for three, or a little extra space for the child below. A twin/full combination is a great choice for larger rooms as the configuration takes up more space than a standard bunk bed.


bunk bed 3


Some bunk beds maximize space even further by incorporating other furnishings into the base. For example, a bunk bed might hide a desk below, which is a great fit for tweens and teens who can conveniently store their studies nearby. Others include a wardrobe where kids can store their clothing, eliminating the need for a dresser or chest of drawers to occupy space in the room.


Whatever style is best for you, rest assured that the bunk beds sold at Art Van Furniture meet guidelines put in place by the Consumer Product Safety Council. To properly use bunk beds, know that the Council recommends that kids be six or older to use the top bunk. Don’t allow more than one person at a time on the top bunk and a ladder should always be used for access. Guardrails must be present on both sides of the top bunk, even if the bed is pushed against the wall. And the top of the top guardrail should be approximately 5″ above the top of the mattress.