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Nate Berkus Hotel

Celebrity designer Nate Berkus is known for his ability to transform rooms into cozy and comfortable dwellings. That’s why Loews Regency Hotel Suite asked him to design a room in their Manhattan location on Park Avenue as part of a $100 million renovation. Berkus turned a 1,000-square-foot suite into a room with a view – inside!


“The challenge in designing any hotel suite is for it to not feel generic or staid,” Berkus told In Style magazine. “The goal is always to create a space that feels fresh and new and unexpected, like you’re stepping into someone’s home, where every detail—from the art, to the accessories on the hall table—is thought out and deliberate.”


The space is chic and sophisticated, and while it might be more sleek than cozy, it’s got a New York vibe that’s full of energy. If you love Berkus’s room, we’ve got the look:


NB Hotel Sofa


Start with a sophisticated sofa that makes a style statement. Berkus chose a rolled arm, tufted sofa in brilliant green upholstery. He told In Style that green is a great neutral, and it choosing this bolder color creates a great effect. “It feels important and works so well when you layer in metallics, brass, woven materials, and all those kinds of things,” he said.


Our Riviera Sofa from Thread & Feather has similar lines and is available in custom order, so you can duplicate the shade.


NB Hotel Chair


Next, choose an assortment of chairs to create a conversation area. An oversized upholstered chair in grey beckons you to sink in and relax. Our Coral II Chair is a match, and features an English arm style with turned legs that mimic the legs on the sofa.


NB Leather Chair



Two sleek chairs on the opposite wall introduce a contemporary feel. The black seat and chrome base feels edgy and modern. Our Tully Chair is a good choice. It’s upholstered in top grain 100% genuine black “vintage” leather in a distressed look.


NB Cocktail Table


An oversized cocktail table anchors the seating area in a trendy concrete grey color. While not a perfect match, our Portland Cocktail Table features the same clean lines and weathered patina for a cool, urban feel.


NB End Table


On either side of the sofa are matching end tables that are made of wood and metal, helping bridge the contemporary and traditional elements of the room. A pair of our Huntington End Table is a great choice, bringing a transitional feel with its mahogany veneer table top and sleek metal base.


NB Lamp


Finally, two bold contemporary lamps bring light and symmetry to the sofa wall. Our Simone Table Lamps are a great choice. In brown faux crocodile base with a taupe shade, their chrome accents mirror the base of the chairs and bring more light into the room.

We all love saving money – did you know certain items go on sale at the same time each year? Here are the deals that March will bring, according to See if you’re in the market for one of these three things:


1. Digital cameras. Prices for digital cameras can range from $75 to several thousand dollars, depending on pixels and features. Buying one in March will give you a chance to save money and master the technology before summer vacation.


2. Small consumer electronics, including MP3 players, DVD and Blu-ray players. Complete or upgrade your media center by taking advantage of sales on electronics. This is also a good time to pick up gadgets that you can take with you on spring break.


3. Winter clothing. This is the time of year when stores step up the savings to clear out winter garments and make room for summer merchandise. You reap the benefits, with discounts as much as 80% off.

Winter’s in its homestretch, and before you know it the temperatures will start to rise. This year make a summertime resolution to turn your backyard, patio or porch into a relaxation hot spot. Whether you prefer a quiet retreat or a rocking party, the time to start planning is now! Not only will you get first chance at all of the great new furnishings; you’ll score 20% off* through March 13 at all Art Van Furniture showrooms.


Start by thinking about your favorite memories of Summer 2014. What were you doing? Who were you with? Where were you? If you were at home, is there anything about the day that could have made it better? If you were at a friend’s, recall the details and the setting – how did they make the day perfect?


Now start dreaming up all of the scenarios you wish to create for Summer 2015. Here are three steal-worthy ideas and the furnishings you’ll need to bring them to life.


outdoor seating


Enjoying a tall glass of ice tea in the shade. Sounds refreshing! Outdoor furniture is just as important as the pieces you have inside, and with a wide range of options and styles, you’ll easily create a room to enjoy al fresco. Look for deep cushioned seating that offers comfort and style. Throw pillows can dress up the look. Then add a cocktail table where you can rest your glass. An afternoon siesta is in your future!


outdoor dining


Entertaining friends with a Saturday afternoon BBQ. Fire up the grill! Urban Living is a hot trend in home décor, and this edgy look has moved outdoors. A rectangular table with bench seating means everyone has a spot. And aluminum construction in a realistic plank wood finish means you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Crank up the tunes and set up backyard croquet.


outdoor fire


Watching the stars while roasting marshmallows. That’s a hot idea! An outdoor fire adds charm to your backyard and sets the stage for evening gatherings and romantic nights. From gas-lit firepits with convenient table tops and matching chairs to wood-burning works of art numbered by the artist (like this one), you’ll light up the night.


*Excludes NOW prices and supervalues.

The weather report doesn’t seem like it, but spring is on the horizon. Before we welcome warm temps, take advantage of the cold weather and finish up your winter home maintenance. Here are three projects to tackle over these last few weeks of winter:


1. Declutter your closets. Before you bring out your spring and summer clothing, make room by donating, recycling or setting aside clothes for a garage sale.


2. Clean your grout. Whether it’s in your kitchen backsplash or bathroom floor, grout can become stained or discolored over time. Try warm water and a stiff bristled brush. If that’s not enough, create a paste of baking soda and water. Spray it with an equal parts solution of vinegar and water. Persistent stains might need a little hydrogen peroxide.


3. Maintain smoke alarms. Spring and fall are good times to change the batteries, but you should also test your smoke alarm. Strike a match and blow it out. Place it underneath the smoke detector and make sure it works.


One of the best investments you can make in home furnishings is a leather sofa or chair. Chic and timeless, leather furniture is a classic look that never goes out of style. With a range of silhouettes as and a variety of colors and finishes, there is sure to be a leather sofa or chair for every taste.


If you haven’t considered leather before, here are five reasons why the purchase will be a smart one:


leather chair


1. Leather is more durable than fabric. With four to five times the durability of fabric, leather upholstery will stand up to the rigors of busy family life. When you consider the price, remember that the piece has the potential to wear much longer its fabric-covered counterpart. If you have pets, however, be careful because claws can damage the appearance. Be sure to consult the leather furniture experts at Art Van Furniture who can match you with a high-grade leather that is more resistant.



leather sofa


2. Leather gets better with age. Think of your favorite leather jacket or shoes – these things soften with age and tend to fit like a glove. The same thing happens to leather furniture, making it a comfortable choice. Over time leather also acquires a desirable “patina,” giving it an attractive soft sheen.


3. Leather maintenance is easy. Unlike most fabric upholstery, leather is stain resistant and requires just a soft cloth to dust. Clean and protect the piece by applying Art Van’s leather conditioner and protection cream four times a year to keep the material supple.


leather loveseat


4. Leather is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The idea that leather furniture is cold is a misconception. Leather actually takes on the temperature of your body within 12 seconds, making it a great choice for all seasons.


5. Leather is one of a kind. Natural imperfections are normal for leather furniture, and the scars and marks make each piece of furniture unique. That means the grain of your chair or sofa won’t look like any one else’s.

How to Mix Styles

Author: Art Van

Mixing furniture styles is like mixing foods – some things go together while others create taste confusion. Here are three rules of thumb for creating a cohesive look:


1. Look for similar lines. Arts and Crafts and contemporary, for example, have similar sleek silhouettes; mixing them feels effortless. Arts and Crafts and Victorian, however, probably won’t.


2. Consider the ratio. Most styles get along if you stick to a 80/20 ratio rule. For example, a room full of traditional furnishings could go well with a single modern piece, such as a sideboard, and a modern accent. Let one style be dominant and another serve as an accent.


3. Think of the finish. Formal woods, such as mahogany and cherry, go well together because they have a similar rich finish, while more casual grains, such as maple and pine, are compatible.


Statement Lighting

Author: Art Van

statement lighting 1


When it comes to the latest trends in home décor, things are looking up. Chandeliers are becoming a favorite focal point, drawing draw the eye upwards and creating a relationship between the ceiling and the room.


While chandeliers light up a room, their designs can also be quite brilliant. The new look in lighting is fixtures that make a statement, providing a wow factor that captivates. Highly functional, these chandeliers are highly decorative. The extravagant lights create a powerful impact in a room.



statement light3


Instead of the typical candle base light bulbs, today’s chandelier designs cap the bulbs with pendant lampshades for a more decorative effect. If you want to be on trend, forego opaque or colored glass and select clear shades.


statement light2


You’ll also see lots of rich metals, including copper and oil-rubbed bronze, which provide a rustic feeling of depth. Shiny metals are also in vogue, with chrome and brass options that add sparkle to the light.


chandelier bedroom


And chandeliers are moving out of the dining room or foyer. Add their oomph throughout your home. Use one in the master bedroom, the bathroom and the living room to marry your furniture with a dramatic sense of light.

When it comes to grey, there are more than 50 shades. Which is right for you?


Silver. Small spaces look large when you choose light grey. The color looks like silver, and has a luminous quality, especially when paired with crisp white trim and furnishings.


“Greige.” That color that looks grey in some light and beige in another – we call it “greige.” This is a welcoming color and the perfect neutral for any style décor.


Pewter. Pewter provides a mid-tone shade of grey. Saturated without being drab, it offers a chance to make a statement without being too bold.


Charcoal gray. The deepest shade of grey is charcoal. Dramatic and bold, it’s also calming and elegant.


grey and yellow


Grey is the new beige. It’s rich and dramatic, and it goes with everything. Be on trend this season by updating the stormy quality of grey with a contrasting ray of sunshine – the color yellow. Yellow is happy and upbeat, providing a great complement to the stability of grey. Paired together the two provide a mixture of moods that is both grounded and uplifting.



Start by painting your walls the right shade of grey. Soft grey adds a luminous silver quality while charcoal adds drama. There are many shades in between, so pick the one that speaks to you. When it comes to grey, there is no wrong.


grey sofa grey and yellow chair



Choose furnishings in another shade of grey. A grey sofa is classic and modern. Then add throw pillows in solid yellow or patterns that feature yellow as a predominant color. Add a pop of color by selecting an accent chair in a bright yellow. Against the serenity of grey, it will steal the show.



grey and yellow lampyellow screenyellow table



Bring more yellow into your room by selecting the right accents. Shiny lamps with gold bases add the reflective quality of metallic. A shiny yellow accent table or screen look like pieces of art. And don’t underestimate the impact of a vase of fresh daffodils.



grey rug   yellow rug



On the floor, a grey area rug will keep the room grounded against the yellow accents. If you feel daring, add a pop of color to the floor with a solid yellow rug or one in a gorgeous pattern.

Light bulbs have gotten complicated. If you’ve purchased one lately, you’ve experienced the wide range of shapes and colors. So, how do you know which one is right for you? Here are some tips from Energy Star:


Floor/Table Lamps: Choose spiral, covered A-shape or tube CFL or LED light bulbs. Check the packaging to ensure the bulb is designed for the application intended.


Ceiling Fixtures: Spiral or tube CFL light bulbs are an economical choice. Ensure your fixture allows airflow to prevent excessive heat from shortening the life or decreasing the amount of light the CFL gives off.


Pendant Fixtures: While bare bulbs can be used, most people prefer the look of covered bulbs in their pendant fixtures. Covered CFL bulbs come in both traditional “A” or globe shapes.


Wall Sconces: Due to their smaller sizes, spiral, tube or candle shaped CFL light bulbs will work well in wall sconces.


Color: Warm white bulbs are good for use in bedrooms, living rooms or dens. Bright white or cool white bulbs are good for kitchens, workspaces and bathrooms. And daylight bulbs are good in areas where you’ll be reading.


Note: If your light is on a dimmer switch, use dimmable bulbs, otherwise the bulbs won’t dim and might burn out sooner.