Two different approaches to “Chic”

Shabby Chic' s Rachel Ashwell with Art Van's, Diane Charles, Director of Communications and Donald Dilaplane, Buyer

There are two great definitions of what is chic at this spring market: Shabby Chic and Industrial Chic are both hot attractions this year.

Shabby Chic is the Rachel Ashwell brand that straddles Vintage and English country styles in incredibly comfortable overstuffed chairs and sofas – once we sat in them, we just never wanted to get up! And isn’t this what we all want to come home to at the end of the day? Think slip covers in romantic patterns and washable whites, with smokey pallets and elegant neutrals. “The recession has rekindled a spiritual quest to get back to the basics- the core values, family, things that people think are important.” says Ashwell.

Art Van's Donald Dilliplane with Industrial Chic Floor Lamp

Industrial Chic is the ultimate proof that all styles can live together in perfect harmony: Imagine a crystal chandelier wrapped in a metal screen, accented by pearls… What does this mean for your home? Anything goes!

Shabby Chic, you just can't believe the comfort, says Diana Sikes from Sussman Sikes Advertising Agency

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