Block Party

Create a sense of community by throwing an outdoor party. Enjoyment is the key here, so let formality have the night off. In its place serve up a bounty of delicious fare mixed with the good company of your neighbors and friends.

Instead of the usual beer, burgers, and brats, try serving up mojitos, quesadillas, and tacos. Put out galvanized tubs filled with ice-cold bottles of Corona (don’t forget to keep bottle openers, towels, and lime wedges nearby). Or set up a self-serve margarita bar decked out with different colored sugars and a few recipe ideas for any guests that need a little inspiration. And just because this is a casual fiesta doesn’t mean you can forget your manners. So make sure you have at least one non-alcoholic option for your teetotaling amigos.

Your linens should reflect the fun, casual atmosphere of the event, so look for bold colors and strong patterns to deck out your dining area. When choosing glassware and serving pieces, pick something that echoes the party theme, but is also durable (think acrylic).

Finally, enrich the experience by stringing up some lights, turn up Los Lobos and go loco.

Fantastic food. Fabulous friends. We wouldn’t hammock it any other way.

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