K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Silly), Part 3

Navigating the Registry Minefield

Registering I Do’s and Don’ts

Just like all the other elements associated with your wedding, timing is everything. In order for your guests to have a chance to shop for, and in some instances send your gift, make sure you register at least four to six months before your showers and wedding date.

The idea of people buying you brand-spankin’ new sheets, flatware, etc. is understandably exciting, but it doesn’t give you a license to go overboard. When registering, choose one or two national department stores your guests are familiar with and that also offer the convenience of online shopping. You can also add a favorite local store if you’d like.

Ready, Set, Careful with that Price Gun!

You know your guests better than anyone. Even if you’re not that familiar with your significant other’s side of the family, you should know enough about them to understand what they can afford.

When it comes to registering for items, it’s always a good idea to offer your guests a range of price-point options. And be honest with yourself. The KitchenAid® Custom Metallic Artisan series is the mother lode of mixers, but if the last brownie you made was in your Easy-Bake Oven, you should resist the urge to put this on your list. However, if your friends and family regularly proclaim your cooking skills as the second coming of Julia Child, scan away!

A good rule of thumb is to register for more gifts than you have guests, so there will be plenty of items to choose from. And remember, you should review your registry often so that you can add or adjust items.

Don’t Tell. Let Them Ask.

While including registry information has become somewhat acceptable for shower invitations, it is still a huge faux-pas when it comes to your wedding invitation.

Close friends and family will have knowledge of where you’re registered, so let them spread the word. Or, if you have a wedding Web site, you can include all your registry info there. Another way to commit social suicide is to ask your guests directly for money. If you’re already an established couple and don’t want or need another dishtowel, there are Web sites that allow you to register for stocks, honeymoon amenities, or you can set up a housing fund through your bank.

Your wedding is one of the best days of your life, so have fun! Just keep in mind that a gracious bride is always more attractive than a blushing one.

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