Back-to-school: Black-and-white with color all over.

From L.A. to NYC, up to the U.P., and in the heart of the “D,” colleges and universities are gearing up to welcome back students along with the freshman class of 2010.

So what can you expect to see in hip dorm rooms across the country?

For the fashionable young gal-on-the-go, pink is the dominant color. According to Jessica, a sophomore in Ann Arbor, just about everyone she knows has a rosy room. And it looks like the pink path has also found its way to Kalamazoo where Abigail, an incoming freshman, is using pink accents as a way to give her room some extra pizzazz.  While shopping, Abigail noticed, “It seemed like black-and-white is really popular—especially pink with zebra print for the girls.” Abigail decided to pass on the zebra theme, but did stay on trend by sticking to black and white in a Damask pattern.

And zebra-print bedding is exactly what you’ll find in the Grand Rapids dorm room of Liza and her roommate. Instead of pink, they opted for blue and green color combo. Liza’s half of the room will be green, while her roommate’s will be blue. That way they can show-off their individuality, but still have a cohesive look to their room.

As with all good decorating: make sure you like it, it’s comfortable, and it reflects your exceptional personality!

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