The New Freshman 15, Part One

Everyone who has ever stepped foot on a college campus has been warned about the dreaded “Freshman 15.” In an effort to save its bad reputation, we’re giving it a new meaning. Here is our take on the 15 prerequisites for any college dorm room:


A Place for Everything. Storage cubes are great for organizing your stuff in a jiffy. Look for cubes that stack so you can maximize your space. And if you can add a drawer insert, that’s a bonus. Keep in mind your room colors and buy your cubes accordingly.

Much To-Do. Oh, the freedom of being on your own. But don’t forget about your new friend “responsibility.” Buy a white board or some large, erasable wall planner to help you get acclimated to your hectic class routine, while still finding time to maintain an active social calendar.

My Notes are Here… Somewhere. Keep everything on top of your desk neatly in place with a paper storage box or desktop file.

Up next… the bathroom!

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