Lean, Mean, Clean & Green!

“Going Green” isn’t just a buzzword for big corporations—it’s a way of life that everyone can embrace. With a few small adjustments, you can make your own home an eco-haven that’s better for the environment—and for you and your family!





It’s Natural.
Harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia can be rough on your skin, but they’re also not a great bet for the environment, either. Instead, opt for household cleaners with herbal bases, like coconut oil, which are easy to find at your grocery store. Non-chlorine bleach and fragrance/dye-free cleansers are also good options. Don’t forget those tried and true cleaning tricks your mom taught you—lemon juice and vinegar really do work wonders on stains.

Clean Air Act!
Instead of heavy, noisome products, use water-based, solvent-free paints, stains, and glues for your home do-it-yourself projects. Our Art Van formulated care kits for leather, wood, and hard surfaces are water-based, biodegradable, non-hazardous, and non-toxic, so you can breathe easier with that in mind. And when you want a little fragrance in your home, be sure to choose candles with lead-free wicks. Look for soy-based wax, too; it burns longer and stronger!

Lights Out.
You already know to switch off a lamp when you leave a room, but you can cut energy costs in more ways, too. Invest in compact fluorescent light bulbs rather than traditional incandescent ones. Compact fluorescents fit most existing light fixtures, and they use only 20-33% of the power that incandescents do. For items in your home office, like a computer and printer, remember to put them to sleep and plug them into a power strip, which prevents them from pulling an electrical current when not in use.

Small steps are easy to take and can make a big difference! What’s one way you’ve already gone greener in your home?

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