Warming Up When the Temperature Goes Down

We’ve hit the dead of winter, folks — those dark days when spring seems furthest away. While we can’t promise you warmer weather (and oh, how we wish we could!), we can help you keep cozy while you wait for the snow to melt.


Wrap It Up. Throw blankets not only keep your movie nights in nice and toasty, but they also add color and a warm feel to your room. Go with a thick down blanket for a soft, fluffy look, or an intricate knit throw for texture and depth. Fleece blankets are also a snug (and inexpensive) option, especially for a more casual space. Check out our showrooms for some great ideas! And when you’re ready to cool off, you can tuck the winter blankets away in a storage ottoman for a functional way to keep them out of sight. 
Night Light. Want warmth and ambiance without having to trudge through the snow to chop wood? An electric fireplace will thaw your icy nights. With the convenient remote control, you can enjoy a “roaring” fire at the touch of a button! Patented 3-D flame effects simulate realistic firelight, and whether the heat is on or off, the glass stays cool to the touch. Using no combustion and producing no emissions, it’s a safe and easy way to keep the cold at bay.
A New Winter Coat. Paint won’t literally protect your house from chilly drafts, but a warm red or cheery yellow accent color on a wall or piece of furniture will put you in a sunnier state of mind. Warm tones like oranges and reds are great on accent walls, or go with a bright lemon in a kitchen or bathroom. A couple coats is all it takes, and you can easily change it back when you’re all warmed up! Visit our partner in paint, Sherwin-Williams, to find a shade you crave.

However you decide to warm your winter nights, we think the best way to fight the seasonal blues is with a warm disposition. So get cozy, hunker down, and remember that spring is on the way! In the meantime, pass the hot chocolate.

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