What’s New? Fire Up Your Summer

The hottest addition to backyard living is the firepit. It not only adds style, but functionality. Just like a fireplace inside your home, a firepit instantly becomes the focal point of your outdoor living space. And a firepit can make spending time outside more comfortable, especially during the cooler months.

Depending on your space, use and budget, Art Van Furniture offers several choices, one of which will be a perfect fit for you.

Here’s what you need to consider:

If you love the smell of a campfire, the taste of roasted marshmallows and the sound of crackling embers, a wood-burning version will light up your senses. For stationary use, a firepit table creates the setting for an intimate gathering. Pull up a chair; the cocktail height is the perfect place to set down your drink or snack and enjoy the warmth. The aluminum frame is durable and resists rust. Art Van Furniture has two styles to choose from, with prices starting at $549.

If you want a firepit that’s on the go because you are, a portable wood-burning firepit is for you. Starting at $89, Art Van Furniture offers four choices, one of which is sure to match your personal style. Easily mobile, wood-burning firepits are perfect for anywhere, anytime. They can be used on your deck or patio as well as on a picnic at the lake or parking lot tailgate party. Fill one with well-seasoned hard woods, such as oak or hickory, to reduce smoke. The set comes with a poker to start and stoke the fire; a mesh fire screen, to help control sparks and debris; and a protective cover for when not in use.

Finally, if low prep and high design are your deciding factors, you’ll want to check out the propane firepit collections at Art Van Furniture. Connect the firepit table a propane tank, and simply push the ignition button; the flame—which is diffused through lava rock—instantly lights. Paired with four chairs or a loveseat/chair combination, one of our four stylish collections will transform your patio or deck into an outdoor room—and the perfect place to relax in the crisp air of a summer night. Prices start at $1149.99.

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