Furniture that Moves You

They’re not your father’s recliners.

Today’s motion furniture – commonly known as reclining chairs, sofas and love seats – have come out of the rec room and into full view. Stylish and comfortable, they’ll easily become the best seat in the house.

We’ve Got the Look caught up with Senior Buyer Nancy Christiansen – commonly known (at least around here) as the “Queen of Motion” – to find out her best tips on buying reclining furniture:

What should you look for when shopping for a recliner?

Reclining furniture tends to get more usage than a regular chair or sofa. The first thing you need to
consider is individualized comfort. What that means is that every sofa will fit a person differently; a short person sits differently than a taller person. It’s important to come into the store and test out these pieces. Sit in them until you find a good fit. Look for good lumbar support and what I call “cush on the tush.” These elements become critical in reclining.

Also look for a good warranty. This is furniture that’s lived in. Anything that moves can wear out. Take a few minutes to compare warranties and see how it lives up against your lifestyle.

What are some misconceptions about recliners?

There are a lot of old stereotypes, but these are not your father’s recliners! Furnishings have taken on a very different look and design. They’re customizable, and come in different sizes, with various arm and leg treatments and fabric options. It’s not just basic microsuede any more. Recliners can fit any size or
scale room, and any décor.

What are some of the latest features?

Recliners used to be a big poofy dad’s chair that had two choices: open or shut. Today the biggest option is power. Instead of using a lever or body weight to move, your furniture can have a motor inside. A push of a button makes the furniture recline to a customizable angle. It allows for the perfect fit and comfort level. It also allows the frame of the furniture to be reworked, creating pieces that are much more stylized than in the past. Reclining furniture now has more of a living room, non-reclining look.

Today’s pieces also offer more gadgets such as heat, massage, reading lights and USB ports. Another new innovation is the docking and recharging ports. Eventually you’ll never have to get off the sofa!


What pieces might be ideal choices for game day?

Our most popular pieces are the reclining sofas that have a fold-down table and drink holder between the seats.


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