Sweet Dreams

When buying a mattress for a child, it’s tempting to let price influence your choice. But finding the right fit is actually an important part of your child’s health and future.

At Art Van Furniture’s PureSleep Center, we can help you find the perfect fit. Just as with an adult, the right mattress for a child needs to provide two things: proper support and proper pressure relief. And never were these two things more important than during childhood.

While they’re sleeping, kids aren’t just recharging their batteries (and giving parents a break); they’re growing. And their mattress is an important part of healthy development. During childhood, the spine is developing, which affects posture. Kids need mattresses that can provide the proper support while sleeping. Not all beds are created equal. Our PureSleep diagnostic machine will find a mattress that fits your child – one that can grow with him or her.

Kids’ bodies also release a large amount of growth hormones during deep sleep. When kids sleep on an improper mattress, they toss and turn. This not only disturbs deep sleep cycles, it can result in stunted growth. Hormones also regulate things like hunger and appetite. When kids don’t get enough deep sleep, it can lead to overeating during the day. In fact, lack of sleep is linked to type-two diabetes. The right mattress will help eliminate tossing and turning, so kids have a more fitful and productive sleep.

A child’s brain is also working during sleep. Remember how teachers tell their students to get a good night’s sleep before a big test? There’s a good reason for that: At night, we all go through different stages of sleep. During that time, your mind is working, filing and organizing all of the information you learned during the day. If your mattress doesn’t support you properly, you will toss and turn and that can lead to fragmented memory. A good night’s sleep will help you retain what you learn.

Sleep is one of your child’s most productive times of day. Be sure their bed is like Baby Bear’s: Not too soft, not too hard … just right.

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