How To: Protect Your Table

Your dining room table is an investment. You want to protect it but you still want to enjoy it. It’s possible to use your dining room year-round – even daily! – with these simple care tips:

1. The best and easiest way to protect your table is to purchase a table pad. Art Van Furniture carries table protectors by the Ohio Table Pad Company. Made with a vinyl top and velour bottom, these ½” thick protectors maintain the beautiful table surface by protecting against nicks, scratches, spills and even up to 550 degrees of heat. We offer 11 sizes and you can also order a custom shape. The pads are available in 18 colors including vinyl, wood grain and leatherette. You’ll welcome the hot glue gun during arts and crafts night as well as the family for a rousing game of Euchre.

2. Care for your table by keeping it out of direct sunlight, which can fade and dry wood. Draw the curtains or close the blinds during the time of day when the sun shines on your wood furniture. Also, don’t place a wood dining table over a vent or next to a heat register that can warp or split the wood. If you must place furniture over a vent, use a deflector to direct air away from your furniture.

3. Be careful about what you place on your table. If you use a centerpiece or candlesticks, use felt backing to protect the table. If you aren’t using a table protector, use place mats, hot pads and coasters when dining. Tablecloths are good, but they won’t protect the table from moisture and can even trap and hold it. If a spill occurs, remove the tablecloth immediately.

4. Finally, prolong the life of your furniture with proper cleaning. Wood tables that get daily use should be wiped each evening with a slightly damp lint-free cloth and dried with another cloth. Any spill should be wiped up immediately. For furniture that is used less often, dust with a lint-free cloth each week. Dust seems harmless, but it can build up and potentially scratch the wood finish. Use a product such as Art Van Furniture’s Orange Cleaner, which was developed to preserve and enrich the wood. Twice a year, just prior to and after using your furnace for the season, treat your furniture to a generous amount of our care polish/oil and let sit for up to 12 hours before wiping dry. You’ll nourish the wood to promote moisture retention. An added bonus for using Art Van Furniture’s Home Care products: you get a lifetime supply of free refills!

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