White Hot


It’s the color that never goes out of style. It’s classic. Timeless. And it makes a statement. It’s white, and it’s a white hot trend in home décor.

White is simple yet complex. White whispers, but it commands attention. White is cool, although it radiates light. And white is new but, at the same time, mature.


Here are five reasons to use white – and lots of it – in your home.

It adds immeasurable square footage

Using white in your home creates the feeling of having more space. Small rooms instantly feel larger, and large rooms take on a loft-like feel. Use white on the walls, the furnishings and the floors, for a feeling of airy and openness.

It’s museum quality

White is the perfect backdrop for art. Whether your “collection” is wall of priceless paintings or an assortment of embroidered pillows, everything pops against a white background. Use the color to showcase your favorite possessions.

It’s glamorous

An all-white room is daring and dazzling. It provokes the enchanted feeling of Hollywood in its heyday. Sophisticated but never gauche, white captivates. Consider a white sofa adorned with a white faux fur throw; it’s the perfect setting for a sophisticated gathering or for an afternoon with a novel.

It transcends seasons

White looks at home during the icy days of winter. It lights the buds of spring. It provides cool relief to the heat of summer. And it reflects the warmth of fall. Forget the Labor Day rule and wear white on your walls, floors and furnishings 365 days a year.

It plays well with others

White clashes with nothing. It complements any shade of blue, looks at home with reds, greens and yellows, and provides the yang to the yin of black. It’s also comfortable alone; use different shades of white to create a layered and textured feel.

White is always right. How will you use it in your home?

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