Pure Couture

The chairs in our Couture Collection don’t just make a statement; they tell an entire story. In fact, we can’t help but wonder if each of these chairs had a past life. Forget walls, if chairs could talk we’d sit down and soak up every word these gorgeous pieces would say.

We can only imagine that …


Daisy Nottinghill

Daisy was a can-can dancer at the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Quite the flirt, she earned the attention of many a gentleman as well as the hearts of countless admirers. High spirited and always laughing, Daisy was the life of the party. Channel your inner Parisian by putting our Daisy Accent Chair in your powder room, boudoir or living room. Her whimsical ruffled skirt and rosette toss pillow are ultra feminine. And her red-corded welt trim coordinates with the splash of red found on her fabric-covered buttons. Très fantastique!

Mabel Couture


Mabel was a naive troublemaker. While the name Mabel is derived from the Latin “amabilis,” which means lovable and dear, our Mabel was also … shall we say, precocious? The younger sister of an English Lady, she was too pretty for her own good and flirted with the husbands of her sister’s friends. Of course, when her sister chastised her, she batted her eyelashes and claimed to not know what she was talking about. Our Mabel Accent Chair would be a wonderful addition to a living room or study. Upholstered in a vibrant collage combining pinstripe, jacquard, and crewelwork fabrics, she has detailed ruching, contrast welt, and just a bit of a skirt. But watch your back; Mabel will steal the show!

Couture Chaise Dinah


Dinah was the quintessential Southern Belle. Growing up on a large plantation, she was never without her lace fan. She used it to cool herself on a hot day, flirt with the boys on a walk through town and swat her brother when he laughed at her games. Most days you could find Dinah on her chaise, with a tall glass of iced tea and an earful of gossip. Our modern Dinah Chaise features hand-carved wood trim, nail-head accents and silk pillows adorned with tassel fringe. She’s the perfect addition to a bedroom or sitting room. We do declare, you’ll find her quite relaxing.

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