Designing a Kid-Friendly Room

When you have children – or regularly welcome them to your home – you have a little bit of a design dilemma. While you don’t want a home with rooms you’re tempted to rope off like a museum, you don’t want a home that looks like a child-care center, either.

The solution is to choose attractive, comfortable and durable furnishings that have adult style and kid-proof features. Here are some things to consider:


You might choose to forego the white sofa, and opt for a seating group with a pattern. Keep an eye open for a design that will camouflage spills – they’re bound to happen.

lauren accent chair

Or welcome light colored upholstery … as long as the covering is stain-resistant. Leather, microfiber, twill, denim and ultrasuede are all durable choices. And Art Van Furniture offers fabric protection plans for added peace of mind.


Cover floors with area rugs. They warm a space and have the added benefit of being removable – so they can be sent to the cleaners. All-wool or wool-blend rugs will wear well and resist stains, and dark or patterned rugs will hide spills. Opt for easy-to-clean low pile, and don’t forget the non-skid pad.

hartwell rug


Your sofa will become a trampoline. And the cushions will be used to build a fort. Choose sturdy furnishings that can withstand attempts at destruction. Look for solidly constructed pieces with well-made cushions. You might also look for rounded corners on tables to prevent injuries.

norcastle table


Kids have stuff. When purchasing furnishings, look for savvy storage solutions. Board games can be stored in a sideboard. A media center needs plenty of room for DVDs and video games. And choose family room tables with drawers or shelves for toys and books.



Finally, children grow up and (most) leave the nest. You might consider this when you select furnishings, especially those for their rooms. Instead of a toy box, consider a chest that can later hold linens or baskets that can eventually store magazines. Opt for a double or queen-sized bed instead of a twin. Or consider purchasing a daybed that could double as a seating area if you plan to turn your child’s bedroom into a home office when they go off to college.


Whatever you do, don’t wait to decorate until the kids are older. Children learn to respect and care for belongings when they grow up in beautiful homes.

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