Design Solution: Small Dining Area

A small dining area is no reason to forego hosting dinner parties. You can entertain in BIG style in a tight space if you incorporate a few tricks of the design trade. Take a look at these six solutions:

pedestal table1. Use a round pedestal table. A round table usually seats more people than a rectangular one, and it can effortlessly fit into tight corners. Choosing a pedestal base makes it a breeze to seat more guests because there are no table legs to obstruct knees.

drop leaf table

2. Try an expandable or drop leaf table. Another space-saving option is an expandable or drop leaf table, which can be placed against a wall. Perfect for one or two everyday diners, it quickly pulls out and accommodates four to six when company comes. You can choose a round or rectangular version, depending on your personal taste.

parsons chair3. Select armless chairs. You’ll fit more people around a table when you use armless chairs because they take up less room. Easily squeeze in an extra diner or two by choosing sleek and slim-lined dining chairs. These Parsons Chairs also make great seating for living spaces, as well.

woodlands sofa

4. Think like a restaurant. Create your own custom-made “booth” by using a sofa as bench-style seating. A banquette makes the most of your space by bringing seating all the way to the wall. Add a table and chairs and a cozy nook is ready for breakfast as well as formal dinners.

napoli table5. Choose “light footprint” furnishings. See-through or slim frames will give a light and open feel to a small space. Choose chairs and tables with thin metal legs, which virtually disappear, allowing the eye to travel around the dining area. Glass top tables allow light to move through the space, giving a feel of openness.

lattice table6. Go tall. A gathering-height table is perfect for small eating nooks because the extra height allows the eye to see more floor area, giving the area an illusion of being more spacious. Also, the counter height is perfect for parties where you serve appetizers; your guests will most likely stand tableside as they chat with others.

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