Livable Luxury

“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”—Coco Chanel


The Scott Shuptrine Showroom inside Art Van Furniture is the place to find livable luxury at an affordable price. The stylish and unique pieces range from furniture to custom window treatments, floor coverings and accessories.

The designers at Scott Shuptrine are experts at creating welcoming yet indulgent spaces. Here are four ways you can add a little luxury to your home:

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Incorporate texture

Texture enhances any room by adding dimension. Choose an accent chair in a richly woven fabric. Replace matching pillows with textured, contrasting designs. Or add a faux fur throw to the arm of a sofa or across an oversized ottoman.  Mixing textures increases the feeling of depth in a room. So, pair silks with linen or wool with velvet, and create a room that beckons you inside.


Mix patterns

A variety of patterns add visual interest to a room, but mixing can be daunting. Know that stripes play well with many patterns, so start there. Be selective and keep balance and scale in mind to achieve a look that is stylish and sophisticated. Keep the number of patterns in a room to three or less, or it can look chaotic. And if you need help, the experts at Scott Shuptrine can show you patterns that combine well.


Add in the shiny finishes

Metal, glass and mirrors add opulence to a room. Use metallic accent pieces such as a mercury glass vase filled with hydrangea blooms. Or place a silver tray on a cocktail table. Prop an oversized mirror against the wall, or choose a mirrored end table, which will reflect the lamp set on top. And accessorize fireplace mantels or sofa tables with crystal candlesticks, which are classic and elegant.


Choose rich colors

Deep colors – whether on the walls or in the furnishings – add a touch of drama. Jewel tones, such as ruby, emerald or amber, are synonymous with luxury and make great accent pieces. Or choose rich colored furnishings, such as mahogany tables or cabinets, burgundy leather armchairs, and charcoal upholstered sofas.

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One visit to Scott Shuptrine and you’ll discover how easy it is to add a touch of luxury to your home – whether it’s with their accent pillows, rugs and throws, or by bringing home an entire room of furnishings. Pamper yourself and your family, and enjoy returning home at the end of each day.

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