How to Hang Art

blossom wall art

If you’ve ever put more than one nail in the wall attempting to hang a picture, we’ve got the information you need. You’ve probably heard that eye level is the right height for hanging art … but whose eyes and what level?

Museums and galleries have a handy rule of thumb, allowing art to be hung at the perfect height and a consistent feel to be found throughout the exhibit. Their magic eye-level number is 57” from the center of the picture to the floor. Turns out, 57” is the average eye level of humans.

If you’re not mathematically inclined, that’s OK. We’ve broken the task down into four simple steps you can do before you pick up a hammer and nail:

  1. First, measure the height of the artwork. Then divide that number by 2. Our lovely blossom painting is 50” high. Divide that by two and you have 25”, the center of our piece.
  2. Next, measure the distance from the top of the picture wire when stretched to the top of the frame. Our painting has 3”. We’ll call this the wire adjustment measurement.
  3. Now subtract the wire adjustment measurement (3”) from the center of the piece (25”). That’s 25” – 3” = 22”. We’ll call this the adjusted center measurement.
  4. Finally, take the museum and art gallery perfect height (57”) and add the adjusted center measurement (22”). We have 55” + 22” = 77”. This is the distance up from the floor at which you should install your picture hanger.

That’s it! You can now put a nail in the wall with confidence … complements of your friends at Art Van Furniture.

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