Pantone’s Sojourn Palette

The word “sojourn” means a temporary stay. Pantone chose the word for one its 2013 home palettes, with hues that include Syrah, Foxglove, Black Plum, Baton Rouge, Pampas, Winter Moss, Cobblestone and Shitake. The combination is reminiscent of a walk through a luscious countryside garden. The good news is that your stay doesn’t have to be temporary; you can bring this rich combination of fuchsia and olive tones home for good.

pantone sojourn

Pantone makes the often-intimidating job of color selection simple and fun; you simply look for the collection that feels like you. If Sojourn speaks to you, take a look at this sophisticated living room we styled from its palette:

diva divine sofa

We started with the Diva Divine sofa from HGTV’s Classic Chic Collection; its throw pillows combine many of Sojourn’s colors. Available in a few fabric choices, the tuxedo back and curved lines are classic and cosmopolitan. The upholstery features welt cord trim for a tailored look. As with all HGTV pieces, the look is fresh and well styled.

roxy chair

Next, we added the Roxy Accent Chair, upholstered in the same fabric as the Diva Divine’s throw pillows. This chic and urban piece has a smooth wooden frame and lean tapered legs. It, too, has welt cord trim for a fine tailored accent.

sojourn chair

We included a second accent chair for more seating. This eye-catching Klein Armless Accent Chair is upholstered in Meadow, a light green shade that provides a fun burst of color. It plays well with the Roxy Accent Chair, and is a versatile piece that can be used throughout your home.

high sierra rug

To anchor the room, we chose the High Sierra Teak Rug. Its mushroom-colored shag provides depth and texture, creating an inviting look.

sojourn cocktail table sojourn end table

This living room is the perfect place for parties, and gatherings require beverages. For a convenient resting place we chose the Helix Rectangular Cocktail Table. It’s glass top allows the rich color of the rug to shine through, while balancing the room with light. A matching end table is placed between the two accent chairs.

sojourn sculpture

A sophisticated room needs sophisticated accents. This beautiful sculpture is the perfect piece for the glass top table. In Black Plum, the showy design coordinates well with the rest of the room’s furnishings.

sojourn art

And finally on the wall we hung this series of four wood wall panels, each topped with a different color, concave metal panel. The colors reflect the Sojourn feel, bringing the richness of nature inside your contemporary home.

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