How to Choose a Media Center

While it’s definitely not an architectural feature, the TV often becomes the focal point of any room it inhabits. Why not dress it up? Televisions can be displayed in a variety of ways, creating an attractive setting in which to watch movies, the big game or the latest episode of Real Housewives.

Before you head out to Art Van Furniture to take a look at our gorgeous media center options, do a little homework first.

mission corner tv console

1. Measure your space. You don’t want an entertainment center that swallows your room, and you don’t want a TV stand that seems dwarfed in a large space. Be sure to measure your room and the wall where the television will go. If you’re tight on space, consider a TV stand or a corner console unit. Larger rooms offer more choices. You can use a larger TV stand or an entertainment wall unit that will provide shelves on which to display collectibles and family photos.

brentwood wall unit2. Measure your TV. To select the best media center, you’ll need to measure the size of your television. While TVs are measured diagonally, be safe and measure all of the dimensions. Your television should fit in the space with at least an inch of clearance on all sides to avoid overheating. Large televisions – such as 40” or more – are best accommodated by entertainment wall units. Small to mid-sized TVs will look great on a TV stand.

oak canyon media center3. Count your components. Most likely, your media center will hold more than just your television. Cable or satellite receivers, DVD players, gaming systems, stereos and more will need a home, as will the CDs, movies and video game equipment that go with them. Take inventory of what you will be storing before you shop for a media center. Some TV stands are streamlined and offer room for a few components while others have cabinet doors and drawers for more storage. Entertainment wall units will hold the most components, with handy wiring and plug features. You want to make sure your media center is organized and attractive.

delmar tv console

4. Choose your style. You’ve handled the details and now it’s time for fun. Media centers come in a variety of styles and finishes, and you need to shop for the one that fits your home décor. From contemporary pieces with sleek lines to traditional units with elegance and flair, Art Van Furniture has an option that’s right for your home. Pick the perfect piece and get ready to pop the popcorn.

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