How to Choose Bunk Beds

Whether you’re pairing siblings into a single bedroom or creating a cool hangout for your child and his or her friends, bunk beds are the way to go. A symbol of childhood, this piece of furniture not only makes the most of your space, it provides several levels of function.

Choosing the right bunk beds for your child takes a little thought and planning. If you’re shopping for bunk beds, here’s what you need to know:

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Measure Your Space

Bunk beds will maximize space in a small room, but be sure to check that they fit. Measure your floor space as well as the ceiling height; you should have between two and three feet of space between the bunk bed and the ceiling to prevent bumps. Once you know how much room you have, you can consider special features such built-in desks and trundle beds.

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Determine Your Needs

After you determine how much space you have, consider your needs. Today’s bunk beds can sleep one, two or even three children comfortably. How many children will sleep in the room? Do you host frequent sleepovers? Will your family grow? The answers to these questions will help you decide if you want a twin-over-a-twin bunk, twin-over-a-full bunk or a loft bunk.  Also decide if you need special features, such as a built-in study area or storage.

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Select your style

Your child’s room doesn’t have to be a departure from your home décor. At Art Van Furniture, we have a variety of styles to choose from, including traditional, casual and contemporary. You’ll find an array of finishes, from warm oak to classic white and modern cherry. And most styles can easily be disassembled into standard twin or full beds when the bunks are no longer needed, giving you more years of use.


Use all of the safety features

All of the bunk beds we sell at Art Van Furniture meet the safety guidelines put in place by the Consumer Product Safety Council. To properly use bunk beds, know that the Council recommends that kids be six or older to use the top bunk. Don’t allow more than one person at a time on the top bunk and a ladder should always be used for access. Guardrails must be present on both sides of the top bunk, even if the bed is pushed against the wall. And the top of the top guardrail should be approximately 5″ above the top of the mattress.

Be sure to get your child’s input once you’ve narrowed down the choices. Bunk beds are meant to be a fun part of childhood – a place where bedtime stories come to life.


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