Out of the Ordinary

Neutral colors are always a safe bet, but sometimes it’s fun to think inside the (crayon) box. If you’re looking for whimsical and fresh, then look to Out of the Ordinary, the eighth in our series of home color collections for 2013 from Pantone. Choosing the right color collection can be an intimidating job, but Pantone’s color experts make it simple and fun. Just look for the palette that resonates with you.

pantone out of the ordinary

Maybe it’s the attention-grabbing colors of this palette: Bonnie Blue, Puréed Pumpkin, Chocolate Truffle, Amber Green, Linden Green, Golden Rod, Bright Violet, and Rosebud. We think they’d make a memorable family room. Take a look:

trio sofa

Start with our Orange Trio Sofa – yes, orange! In 100% genuine leather, the slightly flared arms give the sofa a modern look, and the tailoring of this piece is crisp. The Trio Sofa can be dressed up or down with throw pillows, depending on the lifestyle of your family.

mellow chair

Next add a pair of Apple Green Mellow Chairs in 100% genuine leather. Mirroring the lines of our sofa, the tight back and seat keep with our neat and contemporary feel. Assemble the seating however your family will use your room – be it movie watching, game night or in thoughtful conversation.

out of ordinary rug

Tie the color combination together with this psychedelic pattern of our colorful Accent Rug. A bold statement, it combines many of the hues of the Out of the Ordinary palette. And its plush pile will add warmth and comfort to the contemporary furnishings.

out of ordinary cocktail table                  tocara end table teal table lamp

Top the rug with the sleek Tocara Cocktail Table from Metropolitan Home. With a polished metal base with oak veneer top, the modern look is a good match for the sophisticated lines of the sofa and accent chairs. And the dark color helps ground the colorful palette. The Tocara Collection also includes handy End Tables, which can add more function to the space. Top the end table with this colorful lamp in teal, picking up on yet another Out of the Ordinary color.

distressed sideboard

Finally, add an unexpected element – this reclaimed wood sideboard with louvered doors. The distressed multi-color finish picks up on the unusual palette. Beautiful to look at it, the sideboard also provides much needed storage in a family room that is sure to be well loved.

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