Six Essentials for Your Dorm

You’re headed off to college on your way to conquer the world. Your dorm room will be command central for the next several months, so you’ll want to make sure you have all of the comforts of home in order to make your school year successful.

You’ve packed your clothes, a mini refrigerator and a case of Red Bull, but don’t forget the dorm room essentials. Put these six items on your packing list:


1. A Good Mattress

Dorm rooms are typically equipped with a twin bed, but old college mattresses are not a good way to start the year! Nothing’s more important than good sleep, and you want both the right support and a healthy sleeping surface. Art Van Furniture offers the new Twin XL mattresses to fit the dorm frame. They start at just $99, and we’ll deliver right to the dorm or apartment on move in day.


2. A Washable Comforter

You’ll also need a comforter. Since the bed is the biggest piece of furniture in the room, it will be the focal point. Choose a comforter that reflects your sense of style. If you have a roommate, you can coordinate your colors and patterns, too, creating a unified décor in the room. Your comforter should also be washable because spills will happen. Take a look at these three styles from Art Van Furniture:

dorm comforter 1 dorm comforter 2  dorm comforter 3

3. Task Lighting

Chances are you’ll be up late studying. If your roommate is asleep, you’ll need a lamp so you don’t have to use the overhead lighting. You can choose a desk lamp to provide task lighting. A small table lamp will also do the trick. Or choose a floor lamp that can be positioned where you need it in case you prefer studying in bed.

dorm desk lamp dorm lamp 2 dorm  lamp 3


4. Storage Totes

Dorm rooms are small and usually include a dresser and a tiny closet. If you have a lot of clothing or other equipment that you’ll be bringing, storage totes will be a helpful way to keep your room looking tidy. In fact, studies show that clutter can affect your ability to concentrate; you’ll want to make sure your room is conducive to studying. Consider bringing storage ottomans, which will also provide a handy footrest or a place for friends to sit when they inevitably drop by.

dorm storage 1  dorm storage 2

5. A Rug

When your alarm goes off for your early morning class, you’ll want your feet to land on a nice warm rug and not a cold floor. While some of the newer dorms are carpeted, many still have tile floors so consider bringing a rug. It will also add pattern and interest to your room. Rugs also do a great job at camouflaging spills and dirt.

dorm rug 1 radiance flower rug


6. A Place to Study or Chill

When the weekend comes, you’ll be ready for rest and relaxation. Be sure to include a comfortable place where you can kick back and enjoy college life. Our Big Joe Dorm chair is made for the university setting. Available in black, pink, blue and lime, the Big Joe Dorm chair has a drink holder and easy-carry handle so you can bring it down to your neighbor’s room for those late night chats when you plan your life after graduation.

dorm chairdorm chair pink dorm chair black dorm chair blue

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