Design Dilemma: A Small Master Bedroom

Your master bedroom is meant to be a magnificent oasis that welcomes you home at the end of a long day. A nurturing retreat from the hustle and bustle of the world, it should envelop you in a sense of calm. If your bedroom is space challenged, however, calm can be a little tougher to achieve. Often, small rooms fall victim to design mistakes that overlook the opportunity to create coziness and end up feeling cluttered instead.


If your design dilemma is a small master bedroom, here are some tricks you can use to give your oasis the atmosphere you deserve:

master platform bedmaster metal bed

A Streamlined Bed

Your bed will be the largest piece of furniture, and by default, it becomes the focal point. In a small room, choose a bed design that is in scale with your surroundings. Heavy wood or canopied beds can easily overtake the room. Instead, find something light in frame or color. For example, this white platform bed gives the room a feeling of spaciousness, as it allows the eye to see under the bed frame. You can also use a simple metal bed frame that will allow light to move through and around the headboard. Further the feel with light-colored linens that will also help make the room feel more open.


master glass night stand master dresser

Light Furnishings

When furnishing the room, think light – both in color and in scale. Many homeowners buy a bedroom suite as a set – whether or not they need or have room for all of the pieces. Instead pick and choose what will fit. You’ll create the feeling of more space by selecting furnishings that take up less area. For example, use a glass end table for a nightstand. Since you can see through the piece, it will make the room feel larger. Choose a low dresser instead of a tall chest. The open wall space behind it will give the room a more spacious feel.


master storage bedmaster storage bed 2

Be Creative with Storage

Finally, think outside of the chest and dresser for storage. Choose double-duty pieces, such as a bed that has built-in drawers in the base. Or find a bed that has shelving on the headboard, which can hold your alarm clock and eliminate the need for nightstands. Investing in furniture that serves many functions is a great way to streamline a room and eliminate clutter. Sweet dreams!

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