Set Up a Homework Station for Your Child

School is a child’s workplace, and each student needs a “home office.” Set them up for success this year by creating a homework station with all of the necessary tools he or she will need to make the honor roll.


The main consideration is location; your child should have a dedicated study space in which they feel comfortable, focused and inspired. Does he or she do homework at the kitchen table? In their room? On the family room floor? All of these places are fine choices … as long as you’re prepared.


Here are four ideas for setting up a homework station in your home:

kitchen homework station sedona homework station

1. Consider the kitchen. Some children like to ask their parents questions while they complete their homework and setting up a station in a public area of the home is a good idea. If your kitchen is oversized, perhaps you can add a desk in a corner nook. Choose a desk that will look at home in a kitchen as well as provide lots of convenient storage.



laptop desk homework 2 homework station family roomlaptop desk 3


2. Add an area in your family room. If your child isn’t easily distracted by other family members and welcomes a little background noise, the family room makes a great study area … just make sure the television remains off! It’s easy to create a homework station with one of our Laptop Desks.  We have three styles that would be perfect for the family room as they will blend with your décor and fold up to store paperwork out of sight when not in use. They also provide lots of space for school supplies, such as paper, pens and erasers.



homework chair 1 homework chair 2

3. Make your home office child friendly. If you have a home office, this can become a great option for a homework station, as it will provide a quiet out-of-the-way spot for studying. Make it comfortable for your child by selecting a chair that adjusts for their height. It’s also helpful if you give your child their own area for storing supplies and reference materials.



homework station bedroom 1homework station bedroom 2homework station bedroom 3


4. Finally, create a homework station in their room. Adding a desk to your child’s bedroom is a great option if he or she needs peace and quiet (and your home is a joyful choir of noise.) Bedroom homework stations are best for kids who won’t be tempted by text messages from friends or distracted by the items in their room. We have several desks that are scaled just right for kids and will match their own personal sense of style as well as their furnishings. Many include matching hutches with built-in bulletin boards – perfect for displaying those A+ report cards.

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