Six Reasons to Add a Rug to Your Room

From the timeless elegance of Oriental to the casual-Friday feel of shag, an area rug adds depth, style and function to any room in your house. In fact, every home should include several! Here are six reasons to add a rug to your room. (We’ll be waiting for you in our rug department.)

onyx shag rug

1. It adds warmth.

During the summer, tile and wood floors can be a nice break from the heat but they can also be hard on bare feet. Instead, run your toes through the thick pile of a shag rug while you relax on the sofa. Come fall and winter, you’ll appreciate the extra warmth. Rugs add visual warmth, as well; the added layer of texture brings depth to the room.

cowhide rug

2. It adds personality.

A rug can instantly change the look of a room and set the stage for your personal style. A pattern can brighten up a plain room or add interest to the floor. A bold solid can add drama. Many designers start with the rug and build the room from there. Find a rug that speaks to you, and let it lay the foundation for your décor.

petal pusher rug

3. It unifies a color scheme.

You’ve fallen in love with a pumpkin orange club chair, but you’re afraid it won’t play nice with your brown sectional. No problem, choose a rug that ties the two colors together. When unifying a color scheme, select a rug that complements the main colors in your room and has a splash of your accent color.

capri sable rug

4. It camouflages stains.

Households with children and pets – or boisterous adults who enjoy Sunday afternoon game day – should choose a rug that will help hide stains. Look for those with darker colors or intricate patterns. When your floor is forgiving, you won’t worry as much about that mug of root beer or glass of red wine.

white nickel rug

5. It protects your wood floor.

You love your hardwood floors; protect them by using a rug in high traffic areas, such as family room seating areas, hallways and foyers. You can also use a rug under your dining room table to help prevent the damage that can happen when chairs are pulled and pushed. Look for durable rugs, such as those made of wool, and be sure to use a nonslip rug pad to prevent skidding.

welbourne rug

6. It anchors a room.

Rugs anchor rooms by establish the mood and defining areas. A dark, richly colored rug gives the feeling of an intimate space. A lightly colored rug can make a room feel larger. And a rug with warm colors gives a room a bright and homey feel. Their placement will create the outline for a conversation or entertaining area, bringing people and your furnishings together in style.

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