Design Dilemma: How to Make the Most of a Large Room

When we think of design dilemmas we often think of small spaces, but large rooms have challenges all their own. They can feel cold and uninviting. Furniture placement can feel awkward. And space can go underutilized.


If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious room, how do you make the most of it? Here are five tips that will turn your room from cavernous to cozy.


oversized sectional oversized cocktail table


1. First, choose furniture that fits the scale of the room. Small furniture – such as a settee or a pair of slipper chairs – will look even smaller in a large room. Think sectionals, large square cocktail tables and oversized accent seating, such as a chair and a half. And look for heavier pieces, such as wooden tables or rich leather sofas that will “fill” the room with color and volume.

santa fe oversized room oversized room media center

2. Create zones. Large rooms can multitask so be sure to set up areas for various activities by dividing it into zones. For example, create a seating area around a media center for television and media watching. Then add a table that can be used for playing games or putting together puzzles. A drop-leaf style will allow you to minimize floor space when needed.


nesting tablesoversized room bench


3. Add occasional pieces. Sometimes a large room comes in handy, such as during holiday family gatherings or when hosting parties. You’ll want to use the entire space, so include pieces that can be moved around or out of the way. Look for nesting tables, benches and ottomans.


oversized divideroversized room sofa table


4. Create a divider. If you want to section the room in two, use a divider that will create the illusion of a wall. Bookshelf dividers can create two rooms from one. Or use a sofa as a divider, with a sofa table on its back that can be part of another seating group.


oversized room chaise oversized room accent chairs

5. Add a reading nook or conversation area for two. Finally, create a feeling of coziness by including a reading nook for one or a conversation area for two. A bay window or quiet corner can easily be filled with a chaise lounge or pair of accent chairs.

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