Snore No More with a Power Base Bed

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If you think adjustable beds are for hospitals, think again. Chris Schollenberger, director of PureSleep at Art Van Furniture, says Power Base Beds – formerly known as Adjustable Beds – offer lifestyle benefits as well as health benefits. And they’re more versatile than you think.


“With a Power Base Bed, you sleep better, live better and feel better,” says Chris. “And the health benefits are amazing.”


Power Base Beds can raise the bed up to 70 degrees at the head and 40 degrees at the foot. We sat down with Chris to learn about their great features, and here’s what he had to say:


What are some of the health benefits?

Power Base Beds help alleviate a lot of common health issues. Those who suffer from acid reflux can adjust the bed just 10 degrees to let gravity keep acid down at night. People with asthma or airway issues can adjust the head of the bed five to 10 degrees to help aid with breathing. If you or someone you love snores, Power Base Beds can help. Some beds have an anti-snore button that will automatically adjust the bed to the best angle for breathing.


Those with chronic back pain can elevate the head and foot of the bed. Or if you have circulation issues, adjust the bed to keep your feet up. Some of the beds even have a massage feature, which promotes good circulation.


What about lifestyle benefits?

If you like to read, elevate your bed upright to 70% and enjoy a book in your quiet bedroom. You can also watch TV in bed sitting up. And if you bring work home, get away from the hustle and bustle of your home, and sit in your bed with your laptop.


Are they expensive?

No. They’re very affordable. The base model starts at $799, which is just $200 more than most foundations. Virtually every mattress Art Van Furniture carries at its PureSleep locations is power-based compatible.


What kind of warranty do they have?

Most Power Base Beds have a 20-year warranty, which means it will last through two mattresses.


Will my bedroom look like a sick ward?

No. In past, these beds used to look like hospital beds. Now they look like furniture. Most bases include Bluetooth and wifi capabilities built in. Some models include a nightlight under the bed, which makes it easy to get up at night. And you can plug in and charge your phone from your bed.


The great thing about Power Base Beds is that it’s there when you need it. When it’s flat, you can’t tell the difference between the Power Base Bed and a regular foundation. But it’s convenient to have the option to use it whenever you want.


This is the future of bedding.

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