Five Ways to Light Up the Holidays

It’s the time of year when your house should twinkle, twinkle like a star, capturing holiday magic from near and far. OK, that’s corny, but you get the point. While you dress your home in layers this winter, don’t forget to add layers of light. From a subtle touch to all-ablaze, the illumination will help take the chill out of the winter air.


holiday chandelier


1. Chandeliers. Overhead lighting illuminates a room, but chandeliers add a touch of glisten to the job. Update your dining or living room by adding a chandelier. Those with crystals up the ante by providing a place for the light to flicker. Our Celestial Chandelier is the perfect option for any style décor. Its round black metal frame and crystal accents will light up your world.


holiday floor lamp

2. Task Lamps. From the table to the buffet and everyplace in between, task lamps light up an area by shining attention on a special spot. Use a pair of buffet lamps in your dining room to light up your holiday meal. Place a floor lamp near your family room sofa, creating a cozy spot for Polar Express. Or use a table lamp on a chest in the foyer to welcome guests with its warm glow. We love this contemporary floor lamp with its chrome finish base and silver shade; it will provide a festive touch for your holiday décor.


mirrored candleholder


3. Candles. During the holidays, you can never have too many candles. Their flicker creates an atmosphere for intimate gatherings with special friends. Candles are a natural for a holiday dining centerpiece. Place one in the kitchen to warm you as you warm the cider. And use a candle on a cocktail table during a party to set the mood. Our Contemporary Mirrored Candleholder magnifies the affect, with its geometric mirror panels that reflect the glow.


holiday lights mirror


4. Mirrors. The reflection of light can be as powerful as the source itself. Dress your home for the holidays by swapping out your wall art with some gorgeous mirrors. Mirrors make the light from the fireplace dance across the room and will pick up the glow of your tasks lights, as well. This brilliant wall mirror, in its sunburst shape, is reminiscent of a snowflake for this time of year. It will brighten your room as well as your spirit.


holiday fireplace


5. Fireplace. There isn’t anything more wonderful than gathering around the fire on a chilly night. As the flames sparkle so does the atmosphere. If your home isn’t blessed with this architectural detail, don’t fret. You can easily add a free-standing fireplace to any room of your home. The Linwood Media Fireplace, with its striking Grey Rift veneer finish, is a gorgeous choice and it has the added benefit of convenience, with controls for flame speed and brightness.

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