Art Van Goes Urban

Furniture serves many purposes. It offers you a place to sit or lie down. It provides a surface to set something down. It holds the things you own. And it turns four walls into a home.


But furniture can be much more than simply functional; it can be a statement of your personal style. At Art Van Furniture, we curate the best pieces to help you create a home that is uniquely yours. And our Urban AV Collection is a great example as it proves that design is not just a destination – it’s a journey.


From the antique markets of Paris to the rural recesses of Europe, China, India and beyond, our designers travel the globe in search of inspiration. We’ve found it in pristine works of art, forward-thinking fashion and objects adored more for everyday utility than elegance. The process is an adventure and we’re inviting you to come along! Take a look at these inspired pieces that combine function with flair.


urban bina cocktail table

A coffee table is a staple in a family or living room, but it can also be a focal point, and the gorgeous Landon Coffee Table is a showstopper. Handcrafted from the Bina Collection, it features pieces of sustainable, harvested and reclaimed woods that combine to create a textural rich look. And the artistic use of tone ensures that each piece is a one of a kind.


urban rockwell table
Upcycling materials not only gives them new life; it breathes a sense of history into the re-imagined piece. The Rockwell Adjustable Table does just that. Combining art with functionality, it’s as beautiful as it is interesting. The table raises and lowers via its crank feature, allowing you to customize the table for the space.


urban leavitt sideboard


One of the most versatile and functional piece of furniture is the sideboard; it adds storage as well as another working surface to a room. The Leavitt Sideboard adds beauty to the list of attributes by combining the rustic charm of natural wood with a sleek contemporary design. Handcrafted from salvaged wood, it’s a one-of-a-kind. Use this beautiful piece in your dining room, kitchen or family room.


urban abbott sofa


A great book, a great conversation and a great glass of wine – these three things are made even better when they’re held in a great place. The Abbott Sofa is that place. Inspired by the libraries of turn-of-the-century American aristocracy, its weathered leather is tufted for a look that epitomizes elegance and quality. It would be perfect in a cozy den or near the fireplace.


urban belont cabinet
The end of a hallway and the corner of a room are two great spots to showcase your favorite pieces. Underscore the meaning behind the items with an impressive display piece. The Belont Metal Cabinet is based on the 18th-century statement pieces found in the world’s most fabled mansions. Its intricate carvings and Old-World details are updated with sleek glass doors. Gorgeous on its own, it will add another level of admiration to your collection.

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