French Country Style

As its name implies, French Country style is drawn from countryside of places like Provence, where lavender fields and rolling hills combine for an effortless look of rustic charm. It’s casual yet traditional; elegant but not fussy. If an eclectic mix of colors, accessories and fabrics makes you feel alive, you’ll embrace the French Country style of decorating.


Here are five of its signature characteristics:


french country chair french country chair houndstooth

1. Color and pattern. French Country style utilizes the full spectrum of the color wheel. You’ll find sunny yellows, rich reds, bright greens, vibrant blues and crisp white on walls, furniture and fabrics. Upholstered pieces are often done in bold floral as well as understated checks or toile, and mixing patterns is highly encouraged.



french country sideboard
2. Painted armoires and sideboards. French Country style makes fine use of elegant armoires and sideboards for storing clothing, linens, media equipment as well as pots and pans. With curved lines and attention to detail, these pieces, such as our Claudia Sideboard, are statement furnishings in a kitchen, dining or family room.


French Country Table  french country upholstered chair


3. Rustic dining. The casual nature of French Country style is conducive to large gatherings. Outfit your kitchen or dining room with a rectangular rustic table. The finish should be natural, with a low-sheen, such as our Hughes Dining Room Table. Chairs include graceful details. Options for wooden chairs include ladder-back or vertical slats. Or add to the cozy feel with upholstered chairs, such as our Katy Graphite Parsons Chair.



french country wool rug
4. Rugs. The floors of true French Country homes are often stone or tile, therefore, rugs were used everywhere to warm the room both visually and physically. Choose cotton or wool for their natural fibers, and consider floral rugs, such as our oversized White Nickel Wool Rug, to add another pattern to the room.


french country chandelier
5. Natural accessories. Woven, grass or wire baskets are often found in French Country kitchens and family rooms. Use them to hold fruit, blankets, books, magazines or games. Rooms also utilize a mix of metals, such as iron light fixtures. A vase of lilacs, a pot planted with wheat grass and a window box filled with geraniums are all signature French Country details. The idea is to bring the look of nature into the home.

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