Five Fun Ways to Decorate Eggs

Dipping eggs in the vinegar-based dyes is a tried and true Easter tradition, but what if you want to shake up your decorating this year? We found five great alternatives complements of Reader’s Digest:


chalkboard eggs


Create “Chalkboard Eggs” with spray-on chalkboard paint. Then decorate with colored chalk.


tattoo eggs


Pick up some temporary tattoos at the dollar store. Then apply them to your eggs instead of your arms.


bird egg


If you love Twitter, dye the egg blue and turn it into a bird by gluing on a wing and beak.


monogrammed eggs


Use a paint pen and create monogrammed eggs, which can be used as place cards for Easter brunch.


sticker eggs


Use stickers. We love the fresh and vibrant look of these floral eggs – what could be easier?


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