Spring Has Finally Sprung!

We admit that the weather isn’t quite right yet for a Saturday afternoon barbecue on the patio, but summer is around the corner – promise! That means it’s time to plan your outdoor space. By shopping for your outdoor furnishings while the temperatures are still a bit chilly, you’ll get the hottest selection and prices.


Stop by any Art Van Furniture Store to discover this season’s selections from Art’s Backyard, and you’ll see these seven trends:


Reims Deep Seat Dining Collection Reims Club Chair
1. Deep Seating. When it comes to enjoying your back yard, bigger is better. We’re not taking about acreage, we’re referring to your seating. This summer the trend is moving toward deep, sunken chairs that are not only striking, they’re comfortable. Whether it’s a club chair or an accommodating dining set, deep seating encourages guests to linger and soak up the scenery as well as the company.


Santa Paula Firepit Albany Firepit
2. Firepits. In Michigan, even summer nights can feel a little crisp when the sun goes down. Add a little heat to your setting with the addition of a firepit. Part campfire, part coffee table, firepits are 100% focal point. They provide the perfect place for friends and family to gather and chat. Use it to take the chill out of the night or to roast marshmallows. The hidden propane tank makes it as easy as lighting a grill.


Avignon Loveseat west lake cocktail table
3. Mix and match. While it’s easy to come to Art’s Backyard and purchase a coordinating set, one trend this summer is in mixing and matching just like you do with your indoor living spaces. For example, a wicker loveseat looks great when paired with an iron table. Or use wrought iron chairs with wooden tables. Mixing and matching makes it easy to update your look each year as well as put your personal stamp on your outside setting.



Outdoor Umbrella Umbrella 2


4. Floor and ceilings. When designing your outdoor room, don’t forget the floor and ceiling. While you might think your patio pavers or wood deck is your floor and the sky is your ceiling, you can create a more intimate setting by using an outdoor rug and an umbrella. These two pieces will define your seating and dining areas, and create a sense of enclosure. They also work to establish your outdoor décor. Choose something colorful for a bold statement or neutral to let other accessories shine.



CANNES-SEAT Newport Sectional


5. Sectionals. Sectionals have long been a favorite in family and living rooms. That’s because they give friends and family an easy and comfortable way to gather. We’re now seeing this trend move outdoors with sectionals and sofas that welcome a crowd. Choose a sectional with a chaise for weekend lounging, or consider our round resort sofa that can be reconfigured into several shapes.



San Jose Swivel GliderMaxx Swivel Glider Recliner


6. Outdoor recliners. Another trend making its way outside is motion furniture. From spring chairs and gliders to swivel rockers, we like our seats to move! If your recliner is your favorite seat in the house, you can now enjoy this comfortable way to sit right in your back yard.



Soho Chair Lake Lure Dining Collection


7. Lots of color. Last but certainly not least, we’re seeing a lot of color. While neutrals, such as grays, browns and white will always be classic, this year color is taking center stage to make your outdoor space sizzle. Think vibrant and cheerful, such as brick red, aqua blue, coral, apple green and sunny yellow. The shades will help set a feel-good vibe while you entertain. And don’t have to worry about the sun dulling your colors; fabrics are treated to be stain and fade resistant.

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