Mother’s Day Ideas From Hilary Farr of HGTV’s Love It Or List

For the Love of MomPicture 1

by Hilary Farr


Expressing your love for Mother, should, in my opinion be simple and from the heart. Life is a collection of experiences and memories, some not so good, and some to be cherished forever.


I believe, Mother’s Day should be a day of memories to be cherished.
Today, it is another excuse for commercial excess, becoming more and more lavish, with advertising messages: “What Mom will love” What Mom Wants”.


Commerce has taken over. It’s time to take Mother’s Day back with small indulgences that are simple ways to create memories to last a lifetime.


My mother was thrilled with breakfast in bed, receiving our homemade gifts and cards when we were small. We graduated to taking her for lunches, or a night at the theater, or just a day together where she didn’t have to lift a finger and was pampered by her children. The point is, we thought about what would make happy, and something she and we, could remember for all our lives.


My best memories of my Mother’s Day, are my son bringing me breakfast in bed; a tray piled high with all the things he loved to eat, cereal, muffins, and pancakes dripping in butter and maple syrup along with, a glass of fresh squeezed juice from our orange trees. Needless to say, the kitchen was awash in sticky orange and syrup and was a disaster in the aftermath of his cooking along with a sticky trail of maple syrup from the kitchen up the stairs. My memory, all these years later, of his proud little face as he plonked the tray on the bed and told me I had to open up the card he’d labored over. Over the years, it became more sophisticated, but always low key, and always something he had thought through and knew I would love. It was never extravagant, it didn’t need to be.


If you want to be extravagant, that’s OK, if you don’t, that’s OK too. Mothers everywhere are in love with their children; each day is a gift and the rest is yummy icing on the cake.


Here are some really simple ideas to make a Mother’s Day of memories forever:


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Breakfast in Bed

Whether it’s a cup of coffee, a pot or tea and biscuits or a full-fledged breakfast in bed, it’s a great way to start the day. Make it as stylish or simple as you like. Come to think of it, why stop there? Ban mother from the kitchen! Cook for her, order in or take her out for lunch & dinner too!


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Breakfast Tray’s & Dishes

Reclaimed wood is unique, elegant and eco-friendly. Paint the base of an average looking tray with chalkboard paint and add a sweet note to mom. Or look for an old tarnished silver tray and polish it back back to beauty. Every time she sees those trays, she’ll remember this Mother’s Day.

Picture 5         Picture 6


Update your mom’s current china set, even if it’s just a service for two. Elegant, delicate, country — whatever she loves (and is dishwasher safe please!). Every time she uses them as the years go by, she’ll remember this Mother’s Day.


For that last final touch, find a small bud vase and add some color with her
favorite flower and a sweet note.


Picture 17          Picture 15


Pamper Her Pretty

Who has time for a spa day? Surprise Mom by wrapping up gifts to transform the family bathroom into a luxurious retreat for a day, with the tranquil and luxurious feel of a Spa; Such a thoughtful gift to create a Mother’s Day of memories forever.
You’ve walked the dog, fed the cats and, cooked the meals: Now, all Mother needs to do, is relax in her tub.

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Buy her: Fluffy towels in white or her favorite color. New slippers and a luxurious bath robe are indulgences she will enjoy every day. Relaxing essential oils and Bath salts for the tub in beautiful jars are gorgeous and will update look of the bathroom.


Picture 19


Fresh Flowers

The simplest things are sometimes, the best. If you only do one thing: Create a bouquet of her favorite flowers and buy a vase she will love for years to come. Create A Mother’s Day of memories forever.

I love Lilly of the Valley and so did my mother. When I catch that incredible scent I think of her every time. Hyacinths, Freesia, Mimosa, or Peonies all have a special scent and will remind Mom and you of this day for years to come. Smell is one of the most forceful senses we have and will conjure memories to last a lifetime.


Picture 21


A single family photo of family, including the dog, in a silver frame, or several of her favorite photos on digital photo frame will preserve the memories of now, and make Mom smile as the family grows up, and she can look at these photos and remember this day.

For Moms who have to travel for business. Look for a travel picture frame that is compact enough to pack easily Leather, Silver or wood, seeing your smiling face will brighten hers when she can’t be with you at home.

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