Nifty Gifts for Grads

Graduating from high school is an exciting time in a young person’s life. Help them celebrate the milestone with a fun gift they can bring to college. Here are three ideas:



Owl Lamp Grad


A wise owl would be a good mentor – even if he comes in the form of a desk lamp. Our Ceramic Owl Lamp is glazed in an antique green with a crystal base and white lampshade.


Laugh Wall Art Grad

College is serious. Remind your favorite student to take time to relax with our “Laugh” Wall Art. The colorful letters are created using coiled recycled paper.


Dorm Chair Teal Grad

Or wrap up the Big Joe Dorm Chair. A great place to study, nap or hang with friends, it has a drink holder and easy-carry handle to bring it to the room down the hall. Available in black, pink, blue, red and teal.

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