Under-Bed Storage: A Hidden Treasure of Space

Your king-sized bed provides plenty of room to stretch out and relax, but it also consumes 42 square feet in your bedroom. If you’re not utilizing under-bed storage, you’re wasting valuable space. With bins, drawers and trundles, you can easily turn dust-bunny haven into a convenient place to store your out-of-season clothing, your extra set of bed linens and a growing shoe collection.


A quick glance around your home will reveal more storage options. In your child’s room, the twin bed takes up about 22 square feet. Use the space beneath it to tuck books, clothing he or she will grow into, and games and puzzles. And the queen-sized bed in your guest room is hiding 33 square feet of hidden storage space. Make the most of it by storing nonessentials such as wrapping paper, craft supplies and extra blankets.


Here are three easy ways to turn the space under your bed into a place for your treasures:

Twin Bed with Storage          King Bed Storage
1. Storage beds.  For a clean look and quick solution, choose a bed that includes drawers or cubbies in its base. Ideal for small homes, shared bedrooms and apartments or condos where space is limited, these beds are most often used without a bed skirt. The storage is so ample, you might find you don’t need a dresser or chest of drawers.


Trundle Storage            Expedition Underbed Storage
2. Add on drawers and trundles. If you already have a bed you love, you can find drawers and trundles to match its finish. Often on wheels, these storage units make putting things away a simple job. Measure the width and height of the space under your bed to ensure the appropriate fit. You’ll also find trundles that keep a twin-sized mattress out of sight until it’s time to host guests.


3. Bins and boxes. Instead of simply hiding things under your bed, store items using containers made to fit under the bed. From plastic to wood to canvas, bins and boxes help you access your items in a snap. Some bins also have wheels to easily retrieve what you’re looking for. Use a bed-skirt and no one will know.


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