Five Ways To Get Rid of Water Rings On Your Wood Furniture

Coasters are always a best practice, but what happens when a friend sets a glass of ice tea on your wooden cocktail table and condensation leaves an ugly ring? Don’t worry, rings happen but you don’t need to live with them. Here are five quick ways to restore the luster of your wood furniture:

  1. Make a paste by mixing one tablespoon baking soda with one teaspoon water. Gently rub into the spot using a circular motion until it disappears. Wipe away with a damp cloth.
  2. Apply petroleum jelly to the ring and let it sit overnight. In the morning, wipe away the watermark.
  3. Make a paste by mixing a teaspoon of salt with a few drops of water. Gently rub the paste onto the ring with a soft cloth or sponge until the spot is gone. Use furniture polish to restore the luster of your wood.
  4. Apply non-gel toothpaste to the ring using a soft cloth. Wipe it off with a damp cloth and let it dry before applying furniture polish.
  5. Make a solution mixing equal parts vinegar and olive oil. Apply it with a soft cloth while moving with the wood grain. Use a clean cloth to shine.


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