Storing Your Winter Clothing

It’s finally swimsuit and sundress season! That means it’s time to store your sweaters and wool slacks. Take the time to properly put them away, and your clothing will be in great shape for the fall. Here are three tips:

  1. Clean your clothing before you pack it away. Any stains that go unnoticed can set and deepen if left for the summer season.
  2. Choose containers that offer protection. Cardboard boxes are suitable, but they won’t provide a moisture barrier if your storage area should be flooded. Plastic totes, unneeded luggage or vacuum storage bags are great if you’re storing your items in a basement. Be sure to line the container with acid-free paper to protect your clothing against discoloration as well as mold and mildew. Or if you have a spare closet in a climate-controlled area of your home, choose a cotton garment bag.
  3. Keep your clothing fresh and pest-free by using mothballs or small cedar blocks. You can also pack a dryer sheet with your items to keep them smelling fresh.

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