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Dorm rooms aren’t known for their cozy atmosphere. Architectural details are at a minimum and everyone on your floor has the exact same floorplan and furniture: one bed, one desk and one dresser. Since your dorm room is your home away from home for the semester or two, why not give it the comforts of home? Here are five ways you can create a comfortable oasis in the middle of an academic environment:



dorm desk lampdorm floor lamp


1. Lighting

Overhead lighting is functional but if you want a homey atmosphere, you’ll need two more layers of light – task and accent. A table lamp is a great task light when used on a desk, illuminating your studies as well as giving you a way to stay up late when your roommate is sleeping. A floor lamp will provide accent lighting in your room. Position it in a corner next to a chair or bed, and it will add another layer of lighting to the room.


dorm rug
2. A Rug

The soft feeling of a plush rug can make cold tile dorm floors feel warm. While some of the newer dorms are carpeted, a rug will also add pattern, color and interest to your room. What’s more, a rug also does a great job of camouflaging spills and dirt. Consider a polypropylene rug, which is the easiest to clean as well as the most stain resistant.


big joe dorm chair michigan futon
3. Seating for Guests

While studying is the main focus, relaxing and making friends is another important part of college life. You’ll want a place where visitors can kick back and have fun, so consider adding seating. Grab a portable stuffed chair like our Big Joe Dorm Chair. Or if you have the space, a futon is a great choice – especially if friends decide to crash overnight.


dorm comforter 2 dorm comforter 2
4. A Comfortable Bed

One of the few furnishings provided in a dorm room is a mattress, and while it’s functional, it’s not usually comfortable. A good night’s sleep is vital for your health and learning process, and you want both the right support and a healthy sleeping surface. Art Van Furniture offers the new Twin XL mattresses to fit the dorm frame. They start at just $99, and we’ll deliver one right to the dorm or apartment on move in day. You’ll also need a comforter. Choose one that reflects your sense of style. Then make your bed feel more like home by adding lots of toss pillows.


dorm wall art
5. Artwork

Dress up a dorm’s beige walls with artwork. Of course, posters are a natural for college students, who aren’t usually allowed to use nails. But you can also use photos with artistic collage frames hung from Command Picture Hanging Strips. Display pictures of family or friends who are off at other schools. These personal touches will make your dorm room feel more like home sweet home.

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