How to Catch Fireflies

Catching fireflies is a traditional summertime activity that can make childhood magical. These little bugs capture our imagination and our hearts. Capture them – temporarily – to enjoy their charm. offers these three tips for finding fireflies:


1. Turn off your exterior house lights, and bring a flashlight outside, turning it on and off to attract fireflies. Don’t shine the light directly at a firefly; it’s likely to scare them.


2. Carefully catch fireflies (they’re fragile!) using a net. Then place them in a clear jar with a lid that’s been pierced to let in air. Place a moistened paper towel inside to keep the air in the jar humid.


3. Once you have a jar of fireflies, don’t keep them for longer than a day or two. Let them go at night when they’re most active and able to avoid predators. Firefly numbers are dwindling — so each one matters!

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