How to Organize Your Pantry

Make mealtime a breeze by organizing your pantry. You’ll save time and money by knowing what you have on hand so you can get dinner on the table quickly. Here are five quick steps:


1. Start with a clean slate. Empty your pantry, then check expiration dates and get rid of foods that are past their prime. If you know you’ll never use it, consider donating unexpired food to your local food bank. Then wipe down the shelves.


2. Put like items together. Group canned goods, baking supplies, spices and dried goods, such as rice, pasta and beans. Keep small items, such as spice and sauce packages, in bins for easy storage.


3. Create zones. Make life easier by storing the things you use every day – such as coffee, breakfast items, and snacks – front and center. Items used less frequently can be stored towards the back.


4. Make the pantry kid-friendly … or not. Allow kids to help themselves by putting putting child-friendly snacks on lower shelves. If you’d rather be the gatekeeper of the treats, put them in lidded boxes up high.


5. Label. Store items such as flour, sugar and cereals in airtight containers. Then label them for quick use. A few hours now saves time and money later.


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