Statement Light Fixtures

One of the most important elements in home design is lighting. It helps you function in your space and sets the mood for the occasion. A well-dressed room is done in layers of light – ambient, task and accent. Each one serves a different purpose, and each one can be fabulous. And the great thing about a showstopper lamp or chandelier is that it shines a spotlight on itself.


Take a look at these three types of statement fixtures:


statement lamp chandelier
Ambient lighting is general lighting. Its job is functional, offering the right amount of brightness so you can see and navigate about. Common ambient fixtures include ceiling, wall-mounted, recessed or track lights, as well as table or floor lamps.


This type of lighting is often the most utilitarian, but our Celestial Chandelier will change that. In addition to providing light to a room, it will add “oohs” and “ahhs” because of its round black metal frame and crystal accents.


statement lamp brown statement lamp oars
Task lighting helps you perform specific tasks, such as reading in bed or working at your desk. Place one on an end table and use another at the edge of your desk.


We love this brown, Glazed Porcelain Table Lamp with its sculpted circular base and textured fabric shade. The mix of textures is striking. Or check out this nautical-inspired Double Oar Table Lamp. The distressed wood oars on the base and beige linen shade combine for a retro feel.


statement lamp hgtv statement lamp european floor
Finally, accent lighting adds drama to a room and creates a focal point. Use an accent light to highlight a paintings or a quiet nook of your room. We love the big style of petite HGTV Classic Chic Table Lamp, with an angular graphite base topped by a gray oval linen shade. A pair would be stunning on a formal dining room buffet, bringing attention to a fancy night of entertaining. Or choose the three column Euro Torchiere Floor Lamp. This statement piece will light up a corner of your home with its majestic lion accents and gold and bronze tones.

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