Caring for Your Grill

Cooking during the summer often means tossing something on the grill. Keep the flames burning hot and even by performing annual maintenance. Here’s a checklist complements of Broil King.

  • Remove burner and inspect for cracks and deterioration. Clean venturi tubes using a pipe cleaner or venturi brush to eliminate any blockages caused by spiders or insects.
  • Using a stainless steel brush scrape off any residue that has accumulated on the grilling surface.
  • With the burners and grilling surface removed, scrape the inside of the oven using a sturdy bristle brush and then use an industrial vacuum cleaner to remove any ash and debris. Then, using a barbecue cleaner scrub the inside and outside of the oven and then rinse with water. Never use oven cleaner on your barbecue, it is corrosive and can damage the other components.
  • Check and clean the grease tray regularly to prevent grease from overflowing onto your patio.
  • Wash the outside of the housing with a mild soap and water solution. Rinse the surfaces thoroughly, and then wipe them with a cloth dipped in cooking oil to restore the luster.

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