How to Have the Coolest Dorm on the Floor

Dorm rooms can be like déjà vu; step inside one and it feels like you’ve been there before. Standard-issue furnishings and cinder-block walls won’t inspire your creativity; instead, stand out by transforming your dorm room into a cool retreat. Here are ten ideas to get you started:


1. Temporary wall coverings. Consider temporary wallpaper that will transform your walls from drab to fab, then peel away at the end of the school year. Or check out wall decals that offer the same temporary design. Styles are available in geometric patterns, words, flowers or characters.

dorm upholstered headboard


2. A headboard. Dorm beds are all the same, but you can bring your own upholstered headboard and give your room a more comfortable feel.


lucia end table dorm
3. Small furniture. Bring in items that will give the room the feeling of an urban loft. For example, a pair of Lucia End Tables can be put together to create a coffee table that can easily be moved when you need more room. And they’re from the Art Van Clearance Center, so they’re super affordable!


dorm speakers

4. Speakers. Get ready for the weekend by jamming out the tunes. Fun speakers will make the party even better. Check out our Cube Speakers, available in black or white.


orange rug dorm
5. A floor covering. Bring a fun rug. Tile floors are cold. Cover them with a rug and it will be easier to get out of bed for morning classes.


cool dorm floor lamp
6. Lighting. Add a groovy floor lamp. A dorm room will look like a swank retreat with an arched floor lamp. Not only will it add lighting to the room, but it will create a cozy reading spot for studying.


dorm futon set
7. Comfortable seating. Hanging out in your room will be more fun when you can lounge on living room-like seating. Futons give an opportunity to invite friends to crash overnight.


8. A message center. Communicate with your roommate and keep track of school projects with a message center. Consider getting a dry erase calendar or chalkboard where you can post notes and reminders.
9. A new mattress or mattress protector. A cool room is one where you can have peace of mind. Instead of using the mattress the school provides, have Art Van Furniture deliver a Twin XL to your dorm on the day you move in. And invest in a good mattress protector that will wick away moisture and safeguard against spills, stains, dust mites, germs and allergens.


dorm screen
10. A screen. Get some privacy by using a screen. Roommates can get the feeling of separate bedrooms and a screen can be placed near the closet for a changing space.



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