Money-Saving Back-to-School Shopping Tips

Before you know it, the school bus will be at the corner and parent/teacher conferences will be scheduled. Are you ready for school? Save money this year with these three tips:


1. Pay attention to the weather and not the store windows. It’s tempting to stock up on the cute sweaters and corduroy pants that are in stores today, but look at the temperature not the displays. The weather in September is appropriate for short sleeves, so hit the sale racks and grab some deals on things like polo shirts and shorts. Wait to buy warmer items when they go on sale in October and November.


2. Watch the circulars. Office supply and grocery store often feature deep discounts on school supplies. You’ll find great deals on loose-leaf paper, folders and pens if you watch your newspaper. Stock up when these items go on sale and you won’t have to replenish midway through the semester.


3. Make do with what you have. Chances are you have a desk drawer filled with pens from the businesses you frequent and a closet stocked with home office supplies. Instead of buying all new for school, take a look at what you have. Then leave the cute polka dot binder at the store, and decorate the inexpensive white one you already own with stickers or markers.

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