Five Characteristics of Rustic Style

When you think about Rustic Style, you probably imagine a cozy cabin near the lake where a stone fireplace keeps everyone warm and a laidback lifestyle puts an emphasis on the great outdoors. This picturesque thought certainly represents rustic living, but don’t hang the Gone Fishin’ sign just yet. While today’s Rustic Style still celebrates nature, a modern twist makes it relevant for today’s suburban and urban homes as well.


Here are five characteristics of the style that just might make you feel like you’re on a permanent vacation:


rustic bedroom wood
1. Wood – and Lots of It!?Rustic Style makes use of natural materials and the biggest influence is wood. From pine to oak, the emphasis is on natural woods with minimal varnishes and paint. Instead, allow all of the imperfections to shine for an unrefined look. In addition to wood furniture, you’ll see wood-beamed ceilings, wood-paneled walls and wide-planked wood floors. Reclaimed wood is an important also part of modern Rustic Style, as it represents a deep respect for preserving natural resources.


rustic jaden oversized

2. Oversized Furniture. Rustic Style is definitely comfortable style, and one way to convey the feeling is through overstuffed, large furnishings. From an upholstered chair and a half with a matching ottoman to a deep-cushioned sofa paired with a sturdy cocktail table, choose pieces with substance that will anchor the room. Furnishings need to stand up to the weight of the materials that make up this style home, such as wood and stone.  In this case, bigger is better.


rustic rock harbor chair
3. Earth Tones. When choosing a color palette, look no further than earth tones.  The idea behind Rustic Style is to mimic the beauty of the outdoors and bring that feeling inside. Browns, greens, reds and oranges will work well with wooden pieces and will help create a serene style that helps you relax.


rustic emerson chair
4. Natural Fabrics. Forget fussy fabrics and patterns in a Rustic Style home; instead choose natural upholstery materials such as cotton, wool, canvas, burlap and linen. Patterns should be simple, too, such as plaids or stripes with a Southwestern flair. Another good choice is leather, which will complement the rustic décor and provide a smooth texture to the room.


rustic dining room
5. Nature-Inspired Accents. When choosing accessories stick with items found in nature. Woven baskets, for example, are a great addition to family rooms. Fill them with blankets to create a cozy feeling. Wildflowers as well as curly willow and maple leaves make a gorgeous rustic centerpiece for your kitchen table. Or use a big wooden bowl to hold remote controls on your family room coffee table. Many of the accents will look like they were gathered on your hike. The idea is to welcome in the great outdoors.

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