Three No-Carve Halloween Pumpkin Ideas

glow in the dark mummy


Michael’s Arts and Crafts’ Mummy Pumpkin

Glue two large wiggle eyes to the pumpkin. Decoupage cheesecloth in random strips until the entire pumpkin is covered, working around the eyes. Allow to dry for at least 24 hours.


ribbon pumpkin


Kraft’s Ribbon Pumpkin

Preserve your pumpkin for Thanksgiving recipes by decorating it with ribbon instead of carving or painting. Choose fabrics and trims that you like, and attach them with dots from a glue gun.


spiderweb pumpkin


Better Homes & Gardens’ Spider Web Pumpkin

Forego orange and purchase a white pumpkin this year. Then attach silver sequins in a web design using glue. Add a silver spider, and you’ve got a glamorous Halloween decoration.

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