What Your Wall Color Says About You




Furniture makes a room, but wall color underscores its ambiance. With an ability to showcase your style and taste, the paint you choose brings personality and power into your room.


What does your wall color say about you?



If you paint your walls yellow, you want a home that’s bright and welcoming. Yellows are associated with joy, cheer, friendliness and sunshine. From sunflower to butter, yellow gives a room the feeling of warmth.



Red is the color for those who seek high style and passion. It’s a popular color in restaurants because it stimulates energy and sparks your appetite. A great choice for a dining room or kitchen, red is full of excitement. That said, it’s probably not the best choice for a bedroom.



Green is the color of life. Abundant in nature, it has a healing quality. Lighter shades are relaxing, while deeper greens are associated with money and wealth. Green is a good choice for any room of your home as it brings positive energy.



Blue is the best color for people who crave stability and peace, but the shade you choose can have an impact on your emotions. Electric blue is dynamic and confident; navy is stately and timeless; and light blue is serene. Because blue has a calming effect, it’s a great a choice for a bedroom.



Feminine in nature, pink adds a touch of romance and sensitivity to a room. Light pink can evoke innocence, while deep pink, such as fuchsia, is bold and exciting. Pink is a great color for a bedroom, as it has a feeling of compassion and love.



If you have a flair for drama, purple is a great choice. The symbol of royalty, purple can make a room look luxurious and dignified. Purple is also associated with magic. Since purple stimulates the creative part of the brain, it may not be the best choice for a bedroom.



White may seem boring or uninspired, but the color is perfect for those seeking a feeling of freshness. White also represents hope and goodness. Simple and clean, it provides a great backdrop for a home with bold furnishings and artwork.



Finally, black is a good choice for people of sophistication and power. Mysterious and elegant, black is best when used sparingly. If you choose it as a wall color, go with a high gloss finish to provide some sheen, or try a lighter variation – such as charcoal gray – to get the depth without being overpowered.



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