Five Characteristics of Eclectic Style



When you forget about achieving a certain look and instead fill your space with things that strike your fancy, the result is what’s called Eclectic style. It’s a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and everything you love. It’s curating a home with the things that reflect your personal style and interests, and everyone’s take on it will be unique. That’s the point!


But be careful; Eclectic style can sometimes look accidental or like a collection of misfits. To create an Eclectic Style home that looks intentionally gorgeous, there are five things to consider:


1. Contrast. Eclectic style draws energy from contrast and a “matched set” isn’t anywhere to be found. Instead, gather friends around a table that has six different chairs. Or combine a contemporary sofa with an antique cocktail table. The key is to throw away the rules and pick things that offer a surprising combination.


2. Anchor. Pieces will mix better when there is an anchor to the space. For example, an oversized rug or bold piece of artwork will create a focal point that defines the room. Then incorporate a thread of unity by picking up similar colors in the other pieces, looking for opportunities to create parallels.


3. Proportion. When combining furnishings of different styles, make sure the scale is compatible. For example, an urban sofa will look great next to rustic chairs if they’re of a similar size or silhouette. You should also pay attention to the harmony of a room by distributing distinct styles around the room instead of clustering them together.


4. Colors. The great thing about Eclectic style is that the palette designs itself. That said, it can be helpful to choose a few neutrals that will balance the other colors. Or find a piece that combines all of the room’s colors – such as a patterned ottoman – and the color choices will look like they were planned.


5. Edit. Finally, you shouldn’t put everything you love into a single room. Instead, step back and start removing items until you feel that the balance is right. You can always show off treasures by rotating accessories according to season or whim. The key is to have each piece shine and not overwhelm each other.


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