Frame Your View With Custom Window Treatments

Just like custom furnishings help create a look that’s all your own, ordering custom window treatments gives your home that personal touch. While it sounds like an expensive process, the word ‘custom’ simply means the treatment is made to fit your window, says Sharon Zmick, executive director of the window fashions division at Art Van Flooring.


“Custom window treatments come at all price points and are an affordable luxury that transform a room,” she says.


A window with a specialty shape, such as an octagon, arch top or oval, would most likely require a custom treatment, but any window can have a treatment that’s made to order. For customers considering this option, Zmick suggests measuring the window and recording dimensions using this template before visiting Art Van’s custom window department. Once you have a good scope of the area, a sense of the space and an understanding of your design preferences, a sea of options will become a playground for creating the perfect treatment.


Soft treatments

Custom drapery can be made to fit any size window. The trend in soft treatments is using insulating designs in natural fabrics when available, says Zmick. The style can then be geared for the specific personality of the room, whether it is a clean, sleek design or something with more detail and trim. Retro fabric designs and colors continue to be popular.


In addition to choosing from hundreds of fabric options, draperies can be customized to include details such as pinch pleats or grommets. Decorative hardware, such as rods, finials and rings, can further enhance the look or make a plain style pop.


If a customer has selected a more costly fabric, creating a cornice board is a great option, says Zmick. Using less fabric than drapery or valances, cornice boards help create a custom look while keeping down costs. They can also be embellished in numerous ways, including with decorative trim, curved shapes and pleated details.


Zmick says Roman shades are another popular soft treatment, and they’re back in style with a vengeance. Providing a clean look, shades have cordless options that allow them to be raised and lowered with a simple pull.


Hard treatments

One of the most popular hard window treatments is the shutter, which is a timeless choice. Zmick says she’s seen so many improvements to shutters that they almost seem new. Durable and energy efficient, shutters offer privacy as well as light control. They can be designed to fit any window shape.


Blinds are another popular window treatment. New faux wood styles look like the real thing at a fraction of the price. They can be used alone for a sleek look or in addition to a cornice or drapery, for a more finished layered look.


Once you determine your design preferences, Zmick suggests playing with different options until you find a look that fits your style.


“Window treatments can be like jewelry for a room,” she says. “They take a nice room and make it quite special.”

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